Beach wedding dresses - your perfect summer wedding

Beach aesthetics always evokes tranquility and romanticism, which is reflected in the sun glare on the water and felt in the light fresh breeze. This is the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic outdoor wedding. In summer, the bride can afford any experiments: choose any style of dress, fabric, color, without thinking about the need for additional capes, boleros, short fur coats. This is the best opportunity to reveal your femininity and beauty to the fullest.
Flying fabrics, alluring translucency, exciting lines and unearthly lightness - all this is about a wedding summer dress. The hot season puts forward its own conditions for choosing the proper design for such a festive outfit. Pollardi Bridal Fashion House offers brides the trendiest and most romantic looks that will perfectly match the format of the beach wedding ceremony.

Beach weddings - a tradition that has taken on a new lease of life

Sightseeing, a photo session near the monument, an expensive restaurant - now it is difficult to surprise someone with these traditional elements of a wedding. That is why modern couples are trying to organize an unusual memorable ceremony that will reflect the spirit of the newlyweds and will be remembered for a long time by all guests. Now it is becoming more and more popular to hold summer weddings on the shore of the ocean, sea or even a picturesque lake, where a unique fabulous atmosphere is created.
Initially, wedding ceremonies on the beach were chosen by those couples in which the lovers were of different nationalities. According to tradition, each newlywed during the wedding ceremony had to keep a small bag with earth brought from their native places. After completing the vows, the earth from both bags was mixed, symbolizing the unification of the two cultures in a new family.
Over time, such an interesting tradition migrated to all island countries and became popular among representatives of the hippie subculture that appeared in the 70s, who sought to rid their lives of any conventions and remnants of the past. Nowadays, beach weddings are held very often, since many newlyweds want to arrange just such an easy, romantic and relaxed celebration.

Beach wedding dress - what kind of celebration will this dress suit?

In the process of planning a celebration, it should be remembered that the images of the newlyweds should be maximally combined with the theme of the upcoming ceremony. Tapered corsets and voluminous skirts should be left for traditional weddings, whereas beach dresses need an appropriate atmosphere.

Beach wedding dresses will perfectly match the following events:

  • Festivities on the yacht;
  • Outdoor celebrations in summer;
  • Celebration at island resorts;
  • Marine-themed ceremonies;
  • Weddings on the shores of the ocean, sea, or lake, river.

Light airy silhouettes will perfectly emphasize the beauty and grace of any bride, regardless of her body shape or age. The main requirement is to study all the dresses corresponding to this format of the wedding and choose the one that will suit you ideally.

Beach wedding dress: features of styles, textures and shades

Every year, current fashion trends delight brides with new styles of wedding dresses. In fashion publications you can find models of a wide variety of cuts, lengths, styles and shades. The most relevant styles of beach dresses are:
1. Greek style wedding dress
Loose fit, light flowing fabric, a minimum of unnecessary details - a Greek style dress will most successfully fit into the format of the beach ceremony. This beautiful style suits almost any body shape, perfectly hides imperfections and, if necessary, can favorably emphasize the charms of a woman's figure. In such an outfit it is very comfortable and easy to dance and have fun.
2. Short wedding dress
A graceful short skirt is not only the best solution during the summer heat, but also a large range of interesting looks from Pollardi. Pencil dresses may appeal to the owners of a beautiful slender figure. Silhouettes with a fluffy or trapezoidal skirt to the knee or a bit lower look no less impressive. The most daring brides may show the beauty of their legs. However, do not overdo it - a wedding look can be playful, but you should not complement a short skirt with deep cutouts or excessive transparency.
3. A-line wedding dress
A permanent classic in bridal fashion is, of course, an A-line skirt. Such models look incredibly feminine and graceful, they can be supplemented with intricate design or cut solutions, as well as achieve the desired effect by choosing different textures of fabrics. A summer trapeze wedding dress is a successful mix of layering of a skirt made of flying fabrics and a bodice which is skillfully embellished with eye-catching decorative elements. Thigh slits, as well as deep cutouts in the neckline or back, make such a dress even more stylish, comfortable and hot.
4. Crop top wedding dress
A two-piece beach wedding dress will look incredibly impressive and stylish. For a celebration of this kind, you can consider models with bold tops with intricate decor or translucent inserts. The lower part of such a dress may be presented by a tight-fitting short or long transformer skirt or, for example, a sun cut skirt. Such wedding dresses with a train or unusual asymmetric cut look especially stunning.
5. Bridal swimwear
You can truly stand out and be remembered by all guests by choosing not a standard dress, but a stylish modern wedding swimsuit instead. The Pollardi collection presents unique bridal swimwear models that can be worn during a wedding ceremony, a wedding party at the seaside, during honeymoon or an original marine photo session for the newlyweds. A beautiful honeymoon swimsuit can be complemented with a lovely cape, detachable skirt, or other accessories that fit into the celebration.
6. Mermaid wedding dress 
The fish style can be one of the best solutions for a summer wedding. For a wedding celebration on the beach, you can choose stylish models from flowing fabrics, as well as a bodice with spaghetti straps. A wedding dress decorated with rich décor of pearls, sparkling crystals, iridescent beads and other fantastic elements, will perfectly match the atmosphere of a nautical wedding, accompanied by reflections on the water and fluffy foam of the waves. An excellent addition to such a dress can be spectacular accessories, an airy long veil or a cape flowing in the wind.
7. Transformer wedding dress
Transformable beach wedding dresses wonderfully combine the showiness and appeal of a long dress with the comfort and practicality of a cropped one. For a waterfront ceremony, like nothing else, a lace mini-dress with an additional upper translucent train skirt will be perfect, which can be removed after the official part and the photo session. At the party, it will be more convenient to have fun in a short dress demonstrating the beauty of tanned legs.
Due to a wide variety of models of Pollardi wedding dresses, every bride can easily choose the perfect image for herself that will fully match her style and emphasize the charms of her figure.
The length of the wedding dress is no less important than the style itself. Having chosen the adequate length, you can hide some imperfections of the silhouette, or, conversely, emphasize the beauty.

For the beach, you can choose a dress of any length:

  • Long wedding dress - the silhouette of a dress with a floor-length skirt is the traditional choice of most brides. Though summer beach models differ from traditional ones with a beautiful open back, a deeper neckline and transparency of fabrics. If the ceremony takes place on the shore, it’s better to choose a flowing light long skirt without an abundance of decor;
  • Midi wedding dress - this length is extremely versatile for girls with different body shapes. Very comfortable and at the same time optimal length in combination with light delicate fabrics or a good cut will allow you to fully enjoy the celebration without any unpleasant sensations;
  • Short skirt wedding dress is the choice of brides who are not afraid to experiment. Short dresses have many advantages for a summer wedding, wearing it you can not only show the beauty of the legs, but also to be sure not to soak your skirt during a romantic photo session by the seashore.

Regardless of which length you choose, you should also try on wedding dresses with a train. This incredibly beautiful piece of outfit creates a special atmosphere in photographs and videos, especially when the ceremony is taking place outdoors. The most convenient in this regard will be models with a removable train.

When it comes to suitable fabric for a summer wedding dress, it should be as light as possible. Thick fabrics are very impractical and can be uncomfortable on a hot summer day.

You should pay attention to the following fabrics:

  • silk;
  • organza;
  • crepe;
  • chiffon;
  • tulle;
  • lace.

When choosing the optimal fabric, it is best to base on your own feelings. The dress should be light and comfortable, so that even on the hottest day nothing could distract the bride from the celebration.

A more informal and relaxed atmosphere of an off-site wedding ceremony makes it possible to step away from the classic snow-white color and opt for a wedding dress in a non-standard color scheme.

The most beautiful for a beach wedding will be dresses in delicate shades:

  • blue;
  • peach;
  • pink;
  • lavender;
  • turquoise;
  • lilac and other colors.

The above colors are not the limit that will suit the format of a beach wedding. Embodying the most daring ideas, confined only by your imagination, will be a great advantage for brides choosing a beach wedding dress.

Trendy elements of wedding dresses that will suit a beach celebration

  • Asymmetry - true fashionistas should pay attention to asymmetrical cut. High-low models look beautiful and stylish, in which the skirt is mini-length or passes into a long train, as well as asymmetrical one shoulder dresses;
  • Puff sleeves are a fashion trend not only for traditional ceremonies. Voluminous winglet sleeves, puffed sleeves, and flared models will perfectly complement the delicate romantic atmosphere of a wedding at the seaside;
  • Thigh high slit and deep neckline - these glamorous piquant elements of the cut of summer wedding dresses have been relevant for more than one season. These hot accents are perfect for a beach wedding;
  • Dropped sleeves - such a graceful detail opens the shoulder line, and at the same time adds tenderness and charm to the image in whole. Moreover, it is a good solution for girls who want to hide a little bit the fullness of their arms.

Accessories Suiting Beach Wedding Dress

Properly chosen accessories will help to emphasize the airiness and lightness of the beach wedding look. First of all, you should take care of the choice of comfortable shoes for the beach ceremony, which will be comfortable throughout the day. It is best to immediately abandon high-heeled sandals, since they will definitely be uncomfortable to walk on the sand. It is worth making a choice in favor of graceful low-soled shoes, wedding sandals or elegant ballet flats.
The most daring brides can even choose sneakers - here you can also experiment. You can even do without shoes during the wedding ceremony. In this case, the beauty of the legs can be emphasized with bracelets or sparkling crystal jewelry.
When choosing accessories for a summer wedding by the sea, you should:

  • Choose jewelry that matches the style;
  • Pay attention to products with sparkling elements, especially if there is no accent decor on the dress. Shiny stones and beads will play beautifully in the sunrays;
  • Refuse massive jewelry. Large bracelets or earrings do not always look beautiful with light airy dresses.

A beach wedding, a sophisticated wedding dress, and a fantastic atmosphere will make every bride's dream come true. Don't be afraid to experiment with your wedding looks with Pollardi and you will be definitely pleased with the result!

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