Wedding manicure for the modern bride

Wedding manicure is an absolutely unique detail of the bride's look. Its design differs from everyday or even festive. To create a harmonious ideal wedding look, the bride must stick to certain rules. One of the main requirements for such a manicure is the generality of details. Starting from a wedding dress and hairstyle, and ending with makeup, jewelry and nail design - everything should be harmoniously combined with each other and help to create an integral ideal look of the bride.

Bridal manicure - tips

Nail design, like other details of a festive wedding look, is influenced by fashion trends. However, the most important condition is neatness and compliance with several important requirements:

  • Harmony and generality - even the trendiest and most interesting design can spoil the harmony of the bride's wedding look if it is absolutely mismatching the dress, hairstyle, makeup and bouquet;
  • Restraint and proper colors – you should avoid unnecessary vulgarity when the nails shimmer with many colors, there is the abundance of decor and patterns. Dull dark shades also will not suit such a celebration (with the exception of matching the color scheme of the celebration). A manicure should be gentle, neat and elegant, so that just at one glance at the girl's hand it becomes immediately clear that the coveted ring is about to be put on it;
  • Beauty and comfort - the length of the nails is just as important as the design. The nails should be the length that will remain as comfortable as possible for the bride at all stages of the wedding. It is best to give preference to the usual shape and length, which will allow not to think about manicure during the wedding.

Wedding stylists recommend to trust a professional. An experienced manicure master will help to choose the perfect design: show him your dress, accessories, tell how you conceive your wedding look. And it will be much easier for the master to offer several good ideas from which you can choose the perfect modern design of nails for a wedding.

Let’s speak about the shape of the nails

The current trendy manicure is not about all trendiest colors and decorations. First of all, it should look natural and gentle, matching the bride's wedding look. However, fashion does not take into account one important point - every girl is unique. The shape of the hand, the length of the fingers and the structure of the nails are different for everyone. Meanwhile, the final result very strongly depends on these features.
That is why the shape should be chosen based on girl’s unique features:

  • Square shape - it can be safely attributed to the wedding classics, which suits almost everyone. Square nails should not be made too short and sharp. A slightly rounded elongated square looks much better. For many years, a traditional combination for brides has been a neat French on square-shaped nails;
  • Almond shape is the perfect choice for a luxurious, stylish bride who keeps up with fashion. Such a manicure usually involves a fairly large length of the nail plates. Therefore, if the bride has not had such a manicure before, it should be done about a week before the wedding in order to have time to adapt to it;
  • Round shape – good choice for large hands with rather wide fingers. Short round nails will make your hands visually smaller, more graceful and beautiful;
  • Oval shape - makes the fingers gentler and more feminine. This classic shape will help to complement the bride’s sensuality. However, if you have a short or too wide nail plate, this option may not look the best.
  • Pointed shape - looks best on long, slender fingers, making them look daintier. Floral patterns of delicate pastel shades will look great hear. Such a manicure looks incredibly stylish when complemented with modern airy wedding dresses.

Trendy varnish colors for the bride's manicure

Most girls prefer to choose light, delicate varnish colors, which will match the wedding dress in the best possible way. Very few people make the choice in favor of bright contrasting colors and patterns. Therefore, we can safely say that for many seasons in a row, milky and beige colors will remain the trendiest ones.
White wedding manicure
The entire palette of milky shades symbolizes something delicate, pristine and innocent. White nails always look very festive. For a wedding celebration, they are appropriate like no others. Without a doubt, a white wedding manicure will perfectly complement the luxurious look of the bride.
Some girls often find pure white as uninteresting and simple. However, we must not forget about numerous undertones and shades with a slight sheen of other colors. In addition, trendy methods of decorating nails allow to create the most interesting and original design even on a simple white base.
The bride's manicure in white colors should be neat and natural, emphasizing the girl's chastity. Therefore, choosing this color, it is better to abandon the long length and give preference to the rounded shape of the nail plates. Golden geometric patterns, pearl rubbing or rare inserts of tiny pearls will look great on white nails.
Beige wedding manicure
Nude and creamy shades of beige look very natural and adorn any nail shape. Despite the apparent simplicity and the ability to blend in with the skin tone, well-chosen decorative accents can turn such a manicure into a real work of art. When guests pay attention to the wedding ring and the bouquet of flowers, they will first of all notice the delicate romantic nail design, which is made using such an elegant and natural varnish.
Choosing beige colors for the bride's manicure, you should pay attention to the shades that will harmoniously match not only the dress and accessories, but also favorably set off the skin tone. Cold shades will look great on milky fair skin, whereas warm shades of beige will better suit the darker and bronze skin.
An ideal complement to a beige wedding manicure will be the decor of small sparkling sequins, crystals, small beads, as well as neat patterns and designs on several fingers. It will look very beautiful and festive.

Trendy wedding manicure: fashionable designs and interesting ideas

The wedding ceremony is a celebration of beauty, tenderness and love. At the same time, this is also a very eventful celebration, during which the bride needs to look perfect, dance a lot, receive congratulations from guests, and participate in traditional rituals. Her movements should not be hindered or constrained by anything. Therefore, it is worth choosing the shape, length and design so that the nails do not cling to the light airy fabrics of the veil and the dress itself.
Bridal manicure should not only be delightfully beautiful, but also comfortable to wear. Try to think over even the smallest details so as not to face any inconvenience during the celebration. The wedding should be full of joy, happiness and fun, and not frustration due to an accidental snag on a veil or dress.
Pollardi stylists have collected for you the trendiest and most beautiful nail design techniques that will be perfect for a wedding manicure.

  • Crystals

The shape, color and size of crystals for manicure are striking in their variety. Their sparkle will add even more festivity. Crystals are great for a wedding look, especially if the dress has a similar decor. To decorate nails, you can choose both the same crystals, or crystals of different shapes and shades. But you should not forget about harmony - the stones should match each other and there should not be too many of them. Small accents of crystals on several nails will look incredibly beautiful and bewitch with their iridescent shine. This decor is a timeless classic of wedding manicure.

  • Kamifubuki

This interesting decor came into fashion quite recently, but has already won the love of many ladies who want to see the most current trends on their nails. Kamifibuki are a multi-colored geometric confetti for decorating nail plates. Most often they are round in shape, but there are other interesting solutions. Shiny foil confetti look beautiful on delicate wedding varnish shades, making the manicure look more interesting.

  • Ombre

A smooth transition from a darker varnish shade to a light one looks incredibly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. A gradient in a manicure, even without additional decorations and patterns, looks self-sufficient and appropriate for a wedding celebration. Beads or crystals can be added as more interesting details. In the trendy bridal manicure 2021-2022, the combination of ombre and crystals will look just perfect.

  • Glitter

Such a sparkling accent in the manicure design will perfectly decorate the nails, and will also complement the already splendid wedding look. The iridescent shimmer of glitter adds a touch of luxury and charm, so it's no surprise that glitter has become one of the top trends this season. A super-fashionable manicure involves the creation of accent nails with a glitter nail polish, while you do not need to make all of them shiny - this way the manicure will look overloaded. Nail plates without shine can remain monochromatic or in ombre and French styles.

  • Realistic flower patterns

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without an abundance of flowers. Flowers in a bouquet, in the decor of a wedding arch, in boutonnieres of witnesses - everywhere they are appropriate and beautiful. Flowers look no less great on the nails. Abstract floral patterns have been replaced by the fashion for realistic drawings. Professional nail design masters can create real masterpieces on nails and draw flowers that will be difficult to distinguish from real ones. Several delicate buds on one or two nail plates will look incredibly fresh, stylish and gentle.

  • French

French manicure has been leading the way in wedding manicure designs for many years. However, a traditional French with a clear white line can be mixed with trendy details. The combination of French and ombre styles looks incredibly trendy, when, instead of a sharp transition, the white tip changes smoothly into another delicate shade. French looks no less impressive when complemented with shimmer along the edge of the shades transition, as well as with interesting decorative elements - pearls, crystals, mother-of-pearl rub, etc.

  • Graceful lace

If you have chosen a lace wedding dress, show it to your manicure master. Another fashionable trend has become a design that involves the creation of a beautiful lace pattern on the nails, which will echo with the lace from the dress. The white lace pattern looks great on a light beige base. This design is incredibly dainty, delicate and very feminine. This design looks great on medium to long nails, where the master can create a truly delightful lace masterpiece. The beauty of the pattern can be emphasized by a sparkling rub, a combination of matte and glossy effects, as well as volume.

  • Pearl rub

Pearl rub has become a hit of everyday and wedding manicure for many seasons in a row. It gives the varnish a noble discreet glitter, like a real pearl. This effect is combined perfectly with white varnish shades, making them more interesting and magical. You can choose any shade of rub-on powder that will give the varnish the desired glitter, which will be interwined with the rest of the details of the bride's look.

When is the best time to get a wedding manicure?

Considering the fact that on the day of the ceremony the bride's hands should be in perfect condition, it is worth doing a manicure as close to the appointed date as possible. However, if you decide on something new, for example, an unusual length or shape, it is best to schedule a session 4-5 days before the wedding in order to get used to the new manicure. In case when no special changes are expected, but for design, it is better to sign up with the master on the eve of the wedding or two days in advance.

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