Princess style wedding dress - a fabulous silhouette for gentle ladies

A classic fluffy wedding dress in princess style is an incredible combination of a fabulous flair, harmonious body proportions and charming tenderness. This traditional silhouette has been popular for more than one century, since it does not lose its relevance even in comparison with the most modern and original trends of wedding fashion. Why is this style so popular among brides and what is the secret of its attractiveness? Pollardi invites you to plunge into the history of a fluffy wedding dress and discover every detail of this romantic silhouette.

Princess wedding dress - a style that will be always fashionable

Since childhood every girl imagines how she will walk in the most beautiful charming dress to the altar, where a handsome prince is waiting for her. In fact a white fluffy wedding dress became a popular church wedding attribute back in the 19th century. This fashion was introduced by the English queen Victoria, who was getting married in a snow-white dress, unusual for those times.
In the 20th century, the legendary couturier Christian Dior returned the fashion for fluffy dresses, popularizing the A-line, which is the base of the princess style. This rather simple silhouette stands out with one distinctive feature - a skirt smoothly expands from the waistline to the hem. The bodice of such a dress can be with or without a corset. Straps, sleeves, interesting cutouts are allowed. The length of the hem and the voluminosity of the skirt can also be different. This is one of the most varied and creative styles that give designers the opportunity to show their imagination.

Princess wedding dress is a symbol of marriage

For many generations in a row, the princess wedding dress remains one of the symbols of the wedding ceremony, and some models even made history of wedding fashion. We can’t but mention the incredible wedding dress of Princess Diana with a train of unimaginable length crafted by designer David Emanuel. This wedding dress with layered lantern sleeves and a voluminous skirt became famous all over the world.
In the 21st century, another royal dress attracted the attention of fashionistas from all over the world - the wedding dress of the bride of Princess Diana's son Kate Middleton. Luxurious, but at the same time royally restrained, fluffy lace sleeved wedding dress still remains the standard of impeccable style and inspires girls to choose similar models.
Despite the fact that puffy ballgown wedding dresses have long won the love of girls, it is necessary to choose the fitting model that will perfectly highlight all the bride’s charms and turn her into a real princess from a fairy tale.

Princess wedding dress - a wedding dress style that will fit everyone

Fluffy wedding dresses can be considered versatile as they fit almost everyone. Depending on the individual characteristics of the models, you can both hide small imperfections and emphasize beautiful female forms. It is impossible not to shine in such a dress. The silhouette gives a stately and noble posture, the bodice favorably emphasizes the waist and neckline, and the fluffy skirt covers the hips making the figure look like an hourglass.
Due to its peculiarities, the style of a fluffy wedding dress in princess style beautifully presents the charms of a female figure, to be more precise:

  • Waist - due to the contrast of a loose fluffy skirt and a fitted bodice, the waist looks visually smaller. Models of high-waisted wedding dresses help to enhance this effect;
  • Legs - a long, flowing hem can hide imperfections of women's legs. And wedding dresses with a train help to visually add height;
  • Hips - a skirt expanding from the waist can hide the voluminous buttocks, or, on the contrary, emphasize them beautifully in a good way.

It is worth noting that the fitted bodice focuses on the bust, making it a real attraction of the look. You can choose any fluffy wedding dress with a neckline (V-shaped, square, deep, boat). The main thing is that the neckline should match the bust shape and present it beautifully. A princess style wedding dress can accentuate all that charm and delicacy that a girl possesses and enhance it a hundred times.

What materials are large fluffy wedding dresses made of?

Designers use a variety of materials to sew such wedding dresses. They are selected depending on what kind of look you would like to create. Silk flowing in smooth waves can favorably outline a slender figure and sophistication of the bride. The most delicate airy organza creates the effect of lightness to make the skirt as lush and flying as possible. As a basis for a rich decor, a noble satin with embroidery is often used:

  • lace elements and floral appliqués;
  • ribbons and pearls;
  • beads, sequins, crystals.

The masterful use of such a beautiful decor creates an incredibly sophisticated classic wedding look.
The fabric for the bride's dress is chosen based on which look she would like to create. The best choice for sensitive delicate lady is a princess wedding dress made of silk. This fabric falls in smooth natural waves. It looks very elegant and favorably outlines smooth lines.
When you want to focus on the style itself, the best materials for sewing will be brocade, satin, satin atlas and other fabrics that keep the shape well. Chiffon, tulle and organza are perfect for highlighting additional layers. It is also difficult to imagine a traditional wedding dress without lace on the skirt or bodice which makes the image incredibly delicate and charming.

Whom will a Disney princess wedding dress fit?

Popular styles of wedding dresses, such as, for example, a fish dress or a pencil dress, have many nuances of choice that depend on body shape. And we can safely say that only a princess-silhouette wedding dress will perfectly fit any bride:
Ladies with curvaceous shapes can visually beautify the figure by making the waist slimmer, highlighting the waist and hiding the hips, giving the silhouette of an hourglass, while seductive breast shapes become the main attraction;

  • Thin and tall girls will look as graceful as possible, while tight-fitting silhouettes cannot always give such an effect;
  • This silhouette makes the figure of ladies with narrow hips more feminine, smoothes the line from the waist down;
  • Short girls will look visually taller, their figure becomes slim and graceful;
  • Girls with a perfect figure may highlight their ideal parameters even more turning into a real princess.

A princess style wedding dress can make any waist slim and trim. If you wish, you can choose a high-waisted silhouette that hides minor body imperfections and creates a more graceful and smooth transition to the hips and hem.
The classic wedding princess silhouette assumes that the girl should have a lush bust, since it is the support for the dress itself. However, do not be upset if you do not have shapely forms. This is absolutely no reason to refuse the desired style. Designer fluffy wedding dresses despite the peculiarities of any body shape look great and can show beauty that every woman is proud of in a good way. Even the most unboastful shapes can be improved with:

  • higher chest line;
  • push-up cups;
  • shallow cutout (or completely closed top);
  • voluminous drapery and other tweaks.

Princess wedding dress from Pollardi - a wide array of fluffy dresses for every taste

Pollardi, a bridal fashion brand, loves fluffy princess dresses just like you. Our designers have created unique models with a fluffy skirt, giving them individuality. The collections include both traditional silhouettes and modern fashionable dresses for the most stylish brides. Here you will find:
1. Puff sleeve wedding dresses
Puffy sleeves are back in fashion. It can be a wedding dress with shoulder sleeves, which stands out a little against the background of the general silhouette, or a model with a quite voluminous airy sleeve, which makes the look simply fantastically gentle and romantic.
2. Fluffy wedding dress with a train
A graceful train expanding from the skirt in smooth waves is one of the most spectacular elements of a wedding look. Here you can choose dresses with both a modest train and a truly royal one. The train turns any fluffy wedding dress into a real work of art.
3. Fluffy open back wedding dress 
The open back is an incredibly spicy, reserved and elegant piece of style. A deep cutout on the back allows to emphasize lady’s beauty and grace, making the whole look more fragile and delicate. Models with shoulder straps, sleeves or bustier bodice can have an open back. You can choose the perfect style which you like.
4. Fluffy sleeved wedding dresses 
Many brides dream of a wedding dress like Kate Middleton's - a fluffy long-sleeved wedding dress. Our collections include models with translucent lace sleeves, as well as sleeves made of dense noble fabric. A long-sleeved dress can be chosen for both summer and winter weddings, the main thing is to choose the right fabric. Airy in summer and denser in winter.
5. Short fluffy wedding dresses
Do not be surprised, because princess wedding dresses are not only long, but also short. This is a great solution for a summer wedding outdoors. The length below the knee is especially popular. A fluffy midi wedding dress looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated. There are styles even shorter, such wedding dresses are chosen by the most daring and playful brides who are not afraid to experiment.
6. Puffy princess wedding dresses
This style looks like an incredible lush cloud made of many layers of airy lightweight fabric. Incredibly fluffy and voluminous ball gowns are the dream of all little princesses. And it is the wedding that will be an excellent opportunity to try on such a luxurious fabulous dress.

What accessories will perfectly complement a princess wedding dress?

A wedding look is incomplete without accessories. You should approach their choice with moderation, if you want them to complement the princess silhouette dress beautifully. When buying accessories, you should take into account the entire style and conception of the outfit. For example, a classic wedding dress in princess style of snow-white color will be successfully complemented by graceful sandals or boats of light shades.
There should not be many bright accents in the bride’s look, preferably no more than two. Only then they will become complementary details and won’t attract much attention. Let’s have a look at the basic bride accessories:
1. Veil
Even though this attribute of a wedding look is far from being required now, most brides do not want to give it up. In addition, Pollardi offers a large choice of the most interesting and original types of veils that perfectly match the dresses from collections.
There is no need to experiment with colors, the veil and the dress should be in the same shade palette. You also should not be zealous with the decor: lace, ribbons and beads on the edge of the veil look great. In case when the dress itself is richly decorated with decor, you should choose a simple, elegant veil. If you decide not to add a veil to your look, you can decorate your hairstyle with a beautiful comb, a flower wreath, and a small diadem.
2. Gloves
To wear gloves to the dress or not is the personal choice of each bride. If you do decide to choose such an accessory, do not forget that gloves should be traditional. Fingerless gloves should be forgotten once and for all.
Fluffy sleeveless wedding dresses are perfectly complemented by long gloves above the elbow. This look will look even more fabulous and charming, because remember that almost all Disney princesses had long gloves. Gloves can be short. Nowadays, models made of translucent fabrics are very popular, which make the bride even more delicate and sophisticated.
3. Belt
Even if a wedding dress with a fluffy skirt was originally created without a decorative belt, this little finishing touch can be chosen separately. Even the simplest ribbon can put a spectacular finishing point in the look. You can also choose a beautiful belt, embroidered with beads, crystals and appliques, which additionally accentuates the waist and makes the dress fantastic.

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