1. Where can I buy your dress?

It's simple - go to the FIND A BOUTIQUE section and find the nearest boutique

2. How (and where) can I find the price of your dresses?

You can find the price (and buy) the dress from our partners. Their contacts you can find here FIND A BOUTIQUE

3. Can I buy the dress online?

Anything is possible today. But we, as a manufacturing factory, work only with wedding boutiques. Perhaps, you can make an online purchase by contacting them. FIND A BOUTIQUE

4. Is it possible to order a dress by individual measurements?

Of course, we provide such services. You can learn more about it by going to the section “Custom orders”.

5. I am a bride wearing your dress, can you post my photos to your account?
We're always excited to see extraordinaire photos of our #pollardibride. Send them to us by e-mail or just put the hashtag #pollardibride on social networks and we will gladly post the best photos on our information platforms.
6. Can I become your partner? If so, what should I do for this?

Just leave your request for cooperation or contact the specified contacts

7. How can I find out at which upcoming exhibitions I will have the opportunity to see your products?
You can view the list of upcoming events with our participation on the page POLLARDI at international exhibitions.
8. Can I ask you to make my personal collection of wedding dresses?
Sure! And we will do it with great pleasure and full responsibility. You can contact the factory representatives using the following details: tel.: +38 067 294 1657, e-mail: private.label@pollardi.com
9. If I want to become a part of your team, what should I do?

You can find the list of current vacancies at our HR department CONTACTS

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