Mermaid style wedding dress - luxurious cut for seductive shapes

Mermaid is a wedding dress style that is now surpassing the popularity of traditional fluffy, voluminous silhouettes. The mermaid wedding dress has an absolutely fantastic cut that can transform a woman's figure into the perfect hourglass with seductive shapes and feminine lines. The mermaid dress makes the posture more perfect, as well as visually bring the bride's parameters closer to the cherished harmony "90-60-90".
Fish silhouette, godet, mermaid style - wedding dresses that differ in a special type of design: the upper part fits the figure up to the knees, and the lower part is a skirt expanding downwards, making such a silhouette resemble a fish or mermaid tail. Such a “tail” is the main decorative detail of the dress and can turn into a luxurious train, which makes the wedding look even more elegant, solemn and refined.

The history of the appearance of the mermaid dress

The mermaid silhouette appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and already in the 30s gained unprecedented popularity thanks to the famous at that time French fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet. She was called “the fashion architect” for a reason, because it was thanks to her that the oblique cut, as well as the “fish” silhouette, distinguished by magnificent romance and femininity, came into wide use.
This style gained wide popularity in 1931, when the photo of Madeleine herself was presented in the Vogue fashion magazine in form of an antique statue in a snow-white dress. Over the years, this picture inspired such famous designers as Christian Dior, John Galliano and many other designers from different decades to create masterpieces in a similar silhouette.
Nowadays, the mermaid style is very much in demand and popular - the most beautiful wedding and evening dresses can be regularly seen on world-class celebrities. It is also chosen by our brides who want to look gorgeous and stylish on their wedding day. Pollardi wedding fashion brand helps to do that offering a variety of topical mermaid style dresses for every taste.

Features of the style of the mermaid wedding dress

Many brides, when choosing a dress for wedding, are looking for the mermaid style. This fantastic form-fitting silhouette with a luxurious tail extending from the knees can turn any girl into a real queen. The popularity of this style is also confirmed by the fact that many Hollywood celebrities choose it for their incredible looks on the red carpet.

There are two main types of this style:

  1. One-piece fish wedding dresses – to create the effect of voluminosity the skirt is sewn with wedges, the number of which will directly affect the shape and width of the "tail"; 
  2. Two-piece fish dresses – this silhouette assumes the presence of a tight-fitting corset, to which a wide hem is sewn. It can be either from the same material as the top, or from a completely different one to create a special decorative effect.

The hem usually widens from the knee, less often from the hip. This nuance should be taken into account when choosing a silhouette fitting a certain type of figure. If you want to make the curves more seductive, you can choose a model where the tail in the back begins to expand just below the buttocks, and in front from the knees.
There are many variations of this style:

  • You can choose a fish dress with or without sleeves;
  • Satin, lace, as well as airy chiffon and organza for a skirt are considered excellent materials for such dresses;
  • The skirt can be chosen both in a more modest minimalistic format, and in a lush volumetric design, reminding of sea foam;
  • The hem itself can be fluffy evenly around the entire circumference, or lengthen only at the back. This train also looks incredibly beautiful and elegant.

Individual tailoring of mermaid style wedding dresses

If you want a wedding dress to fit your figure like a glove, hide imperfections and accentuate every virtue, there is no better choice than custom tailoring by Pollardi. We take into account all the wishes of our beautiful clients so that on their wedding day they could shine with their dazzling beauty.
Together with us you can sew any non-standard wedding dress - color, plus size, with individual decor and other elements. The company has developed a unique system of taking measurements, which makes it possible to sew perfect wedding dresses for absolutely any body shape and height.

Whom will the mermaid wedding dress fit?

The main secret of mermaid dresses is that most often the style presupposes the presence of a sewn or separate corset, which beautifully tightens and accentuates the waist, making the figure look like an hourglass. The silhouette visually tightens and slims the figure, so it will be perfect for girls with different body features, for example, for a "pear" or "rectangle" body shape with rather curvaceous outlines.
The mermaid style also emphasizes the hips, so if the bride does not want to highlight this part of her body, it is better to refuse such a wedding dress. Due to this fact, fish wedding dresses do not always fit the girls with a "pear" or "apple" body shape well. Also, such models are not recommended for girls with wide shoulders and an inverted triangle body shape: the tight-fitting upper part of the outfit design clearly emphasizes narrow hips, disproportionate to wide shoulders.
One of the important requirements of a mermaid dress is the elongation of the silhouette, therefore, traditional models look most harmonious on girls of high and medium height. Those who are short can also choose a fitting style, but to harmonize the look, it is worth complementing it with high heels.

Types of mermaid wedding dresses

1. Long sleeve mermaid wedding dress
In a mermaid style, wedding dresses with sleeves look especially chic. The upper fitting part of the dress design turns the bride's figure into a real antique statue, and the sleeves, which successfully complement the image, make the silhouette even more stately and gorgeous. When choosing a mermaid wedding dress, the sleeves should also be wrapped around the arms - this way the image will look harmonious and holistic.
In the Pollardi collections, the mermaid style is widely represented - wedding dresses with long sleeves are especially popular with brides who want to become the highlight of the celebration. This is not surprising - such luxurious silhouettes allow for a truly royal wedding look.
2. Mermaid wedding dress with neckline
A wedding dress with a cutout will help to emphasize the beauty of the decollate and collarbones, which makes the look more piquant and seductive. Both thin straps and long sleeves look equally good here - mermaid wedding dresses with a neckline are presented by a wide range of stylish models. The combination of a V-neckline on the chest and on the back looks great - this silhouette adds lightness and tenderness, especially if you combine these elements with thin straps and airy translucent fabrics.
3. Sleeveless mermaid wedding dress
Mermaid wedding dresses with a sleeveless bodice look no less impressive. This style is beautifully combined with a bodice in the shape of a heart or a boat neckline. This is a great choice for brides with graceful collarbones and arms. Every groom will be delighted with how beautiful his beloved looks in such an outfit - a sleeveless mermaid wedding dress can be considered a traditional classic that will never go out of style.
4. Mermaid wedding dress with lace
The mermaid style is versatile and beautiful - wedding dresses with lace is not inferior to A-line or a princess dress. The rich lace decor makes the outfit incredibly sophisticated with a touch of romantic charm. Thanks to the various options of decorative lace, mermaid wedding dresses look traditional and stylish at the same time, which will appeal to brides who love classics, but want to make their wedding look more modern and intricate.
5. Colored mermaid wedding dress
Wedding dress colors are usually limited to white, milky and pastel shades. But modern fashion does not stand still, and now brides can safely choose colored wedding dresses that will be an excellent decoration for a non-standard wedding ceremony. Colorful wedding dresses will suit daring brides who are not afraid to experiment and stand out.
An alternative to champagne-colored outfits can be pink wedding dresses, whose shade adds tenderness and romance to the image. Purple wedding dresses are also very popular, whose shade is incredibly expensive and looks rich in the finished look. A pastel pink or purple wedding dress is a great opportunity for the bride to become a real highlight of her own celebration.
6. Plus size mermaid wedding dress
It is believed that this style fits slender tall girls best of all. However, if you choose the right silhouette and sew a custom-made wedding dress, the owners of curvaceous shapes will look no less impressive. For plus size brides, mermaid wedding dresses are best tailored to individual measurements.
If you like the mermaid style, the best Pollardi designers will help you to sew a plus size wedding dress. Thanks to the competent approach to the cut and the choice of materials, even a plus size can be beautifully presented - mermaid wedding dresses for plus size ladies by Pollardi allow brides to feel as confident and beautiful as possible on such an important day.

Accessories and hairstyle

Such a rather spectacular outfit requires careful selection of accessories. If you want to make the look more graceful, it is better to abandon them altogether or minimize them. An intricate cut can be emphasized with a decorative belt embroidered with beads, crystals, sequins, bugles or voluminous lace appliqués. In cold season, the dress can be complemented with an elegant wrap, floor-length cape or bolero.
It is advisable to complement a wedding dress with a deep neckline with one voluminous accessory - large dangling earrings or a pendant with a large stone. Choosing a veil, you can safely experiment - mermaid dresses look great with both short and long floor-length models. A multi-layer veil will look especially impressive.
It is recommended to remove hair from the face - a smooth, collected hairstyle looks beautiful, which will demonstrate the grace of the shoulders and collarbones, a neat Hollywood wave is a good choice too. The best fashion shoes for such a wedding silhouette are open sandals or shoes with high thin heels. It is better to refuse from flat shoes, as well as thick or short heels, ankle boots and platform shoes.
Least of all this style of a wedding dress is combined with a sphere-shaped bouquet, apart from this you can show your imagination. A flower arrangement of callas, lilies, as well as small flowers cascading downwards will look great.

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