Custom tailoring of wedding dresses

For many years of work in the wedding business, owners of wedding salons often contact us with requests to sew a dress for a bride according to her own sketch. It would seem that the market is already overflowing with an abundance of wedding dress model variations; is it really necessary to create something extra?.. It is. And this is quite a normal request for modern brides. After all, every girl, even before going to the wedding salon, already has a certain image of that very dress for herself. And, having started looking for it, it is naturally difficult to find exactly what was intended. Then there is a request to sew a wedding dress according to her own design.


Why can't even the best tailor get your design done?


But, not everyone is capable of actualizing and sewing a solid one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Since it is necessary to have modern and specific equipment for high-quality sewing. Such equipment is available in large wedding factories only. And for the same reason, even if there is a specialist in the salon who can theoretically be able to take on the tailoring of "that very dress", it may not work out for him practically due to the lack of the necessary equipment.


The quality of materials is one of the main factors in sewing wedding dresses


Another important factor when dealing with custom tailoring is fabrics and laces. Treating this issue with special responsibility, we have concluded contracts with the best factories producing fabrics for wedding dresses. We can also create lace according to the wishes of the bride. Its design is individually developed for a specific image and style. We have already implemented a variety of requests from brides: inscriptions on the skirt of the dress with the initials of newly-weds, romantic phrases symbolizing love and (or) memories from the life of a loving couple.

Having worked for several years with individual tailoring, our company decided to provide a separate service: “Sewing a customized wedding dress”. It became very popular very quickly, because partners' clients received a unique, inimitable dream dress in the whole world.


How does this happen? The main stages of cooperation


We will try to describe all the stages step by step below. But, running ahead, we will make a remark - we cannot sew a dress quickly, since each dress takes a certain amount of time (collecting all the necessary materials, developing patterns, approving a design with a client, etc.). Based on this, the tailoring period for an exclusive wedding dress can take from 1 to 6 months from the date of the contract.

  • Stage one. The bride comes to the salon, which cooperates with the factory on the “custom order” service for sewing wedding dresses. She shows a sketch of the desired dress, which is sent to us to agree on the timing of the product's tailoring and its price. After agreeing on the details with the bride and the factory, the salon takes measurements from the customer and send them to us together with a photo of the girl so that we can perform the sewing with the highest quality.

  • Stage two. We begin to collect all the materials necessary for sewing a wedding dress and offer a choice of several lace options. We take photos and videos of samples that are most suitable for a specific order of a wedding dress. Since we already have a lot of experience, we, practically, from the first time select the most suitable materials and approve them with the customer.

  • The third stage is the development of a design for sewing a wedding dress according to the measurements taken by the tailor from the bride. All her individual characteristics and wishes are taken into account as much as possible.

  • Stage four. When all the development work is completed, the dress is handed over to the designer. These are his hands that create that beautiful and unique wedding dress in the world. The designer selects decor and creates additional photos for approval by the client.

  • Stage five. As soon as the customer approves the entire visual part, we complete the process of sewing the wedding dress and send it to the salon. The tailors on-the-site work with the bride individually and finalize all the remaining minor adjustments.

The last, sixth stage, we do not prescribe as mandatory. It is more often recommendatory, although every second bride uses it. So, owing to our scale of production, we can immediately sew a veil to the order or make hair accessories. But this is not the limit, since you can also order children's dresses for little princesses, which will further complement your wedding look. It is very convenient and practical, since the customer receives a completely assembled harmonious image.

We hope that we were able to convey in detail the features of such a popular service as “Custom tailoring”. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


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method of taking measurements

Each piece of the collection is a balance of comfort, minimalistic elegance and grace, which, first of all, reflects the inner world of the bride.

fish silhouette dress

This off-the-shoulder Cyanea bridal gown has a slim train. The classic fish silhouette is complemented by a multi-layered drapery of blue-gray organza, fixed with beads and a thin belt. The skirt goes into a small train.

silhouette puffy dress

Riptide is a wedding dress made of two types of organza. The upper consists of a corset decorated with an airy drapery that forms a collar and frames the open back in soft ruffles at the waist. The volume of the skirt is given by multi-layered flounces, sewn in a spiral.




Orders are accepted only from our partners. ATTENTION! Not all salons work with the "Individual orders" service

examples of individual orders

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