Production of laces for wedding salons

Why did we open a lace factory?

The idea of creating a factory for the production of laces under the WD textile trademark was based on the desire to solve an acute problem, which, at a certain stage of development, touched both us personally and all Ukrainian manufacturers. To be more precise, domestic business began to need an alternative to the Taiwanese and Chinese lace markets.

Orders from these countries were delivered for too long, incurring colossal losses, since during the season we were unable to repeat the sewing of popular dress models. But the most unpleasant thing was when the deadlines for sewing dresses for brides were disrupted and we had to refuse customers. Not to mention the minimal quantities of laces, which were not “minimal” at all and, accordingly, the forced artificial freezing of funds due to the creation of warehouses for materials.

Even worse - the leftovers in warehouses, which eventually became irrelevant and dragged along a number of troubles and categorical decisions. In other words, it become unprofitable and difficult to work with suppliers whose production and delivery time was more than 2 months.

Our products allowed us and other manufacturers to expand the range and fulfil orders on time

The launch of the factory for the production of laces under the WD Textile Trade Mark has become a symbolic breath of fresh air for us and many fellow manufacturers. Thanks to that, the problem with the remnants of materials disappeared by itself.

Now the production time for laces on WD Textile is only 2-3 weeks, so you can order lace immediately after receiving an order for a dress from a client (and not to ‘guess’ in advance how it should have been done with foreign suppliers).

A very important moment in the work of the WD Textile factory is an abundance of lace assortment, as well as a mega convenient production service - “Exclusive Design Development". Wedding brands that use this factory option stand out on the market for their original unique designs of their products. After all, it is known that lace plays one of the key roles in dress design.



WD Textile is a lace factory in Ukraine. It is geographically located in the city of Khmelnytskyi, and its area is 5,000 sq.m. The factory's capacity allows to produce 7,500 meters of high-quality lace with machine and hand embroidery monthly. A multi-level quality control system was created and full responsibility for the materials produced is assumed. In addition, mobility, fast delivery and transportation with saving money and time - today it is also about WD Textile TM

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