Short wedding dresses: pros and cons

In bridal collections you may find not only long, fluffy dresses, but also dresses with a short skirt, which are ideal for summer wedding ceremonies. Bridal fashion is now simpler and more comfortable and short dresses fit perfectly into this concept. The popularity of short wedding dresses is due to the desire of many modern progressive couples to arrange non-standard, intimate and atmospheric celebrations, the format of which does not fit well with traditional pompous outfits.

Short wedding dresses are about grace, elegance and simplicity that fit perfectly with sophisticated romance. Many summer weddings are held outdoors by the sea, in a countryside, or even in a forest clearing. Short dresses are becoming the best choice for ceremonies of this kind, both for the official part, and for a party itself. Despite the growing popularity, not every bride decides to choose a wedding dress like this. To help you understand if a short wedding dress fits you, let's first get acquainted with the main pros and cons of this choice.

Pros and cons of short dresses

First, let's start with the advantages of choosing dresses whose skirt is shorter than the traditional length:

  • Comfort - this advantage attracts many brides who get married in summer. It is convenient to move in such an outfit. You don’t fell hot in such outfit, and you also do not need to worry about difficulties with a train and a huge skirt. In this case, the image is very light and delicate;
  • Usability - many short wedding dresses can be worn after the ceremony. Such a dress in the wardrobe will be an excellent choice for various events. Minor tweaks may be required to transform the wedding dress into a casual one;
  • Cost-effectiveness - most of the short dresses will cost the bride less than the traditional fluffy outfit with an abundance of decor and intricate elements.

But we can’t but mention some of the disadvantages of such dresses:

  • Short wedding dresses are not casual in terms of seasonality and are generally only suitable for ceremonies that are held during the warm season;
  • Short models may not sit well on girls with opulent curves or wide ankles.

Trendy styles of short wedding dresses

We can safely say that short dresses are not inferior to long ones in a variety of styles and models. There are many amazing looks to suit any bride.

Wedding mini dress

Mini length with the right cut of the dress can look sexy, but at the same time restrained. The main thing is not to overdo with boldness - if the skirt is short, you should avoid a deep neckline or transparent inserts, otherwise the image will be vulgar. Wedding mini-dresses with long sleeves, which balance the length of the skirt, look very harmonious and stylish.

Pencil wedding dress

This elegant classic model will never lose its relevance. Nowadays you can find looser linen-style wedding dresses inspired by the cut of the pencils. The length of a pencil dress can be up to the knee or ¾. The sleeve may be long, short or a dress may have thin straps. This is a great choice for brides who love classics, but at the same time want to add something unusual and sexy to their wedding look.

Wedding dress with a short skirt and lengthening train

This is an excellent choice for those brides who want everything at once: to show beautiful slender legs, but at the same time to emphasize the solemnity of the image with a long train. The front part remains in short or midi length, and the back of the skirt smoothly flows into a long train.

Wedding dresses with a short fluffy skirt

This style can be with a skirt above the knee (more suitable for young brides) or a midi skirt, which will be a little stricter, but at the same time airy and delicate. These models are ideal for summer weddings a la 80s or even 50s.

Wedding dress with sheer skirt

Another wedding trend is a short skirt covered with a transparent long skirt. As a result, the image of the bride becomes a little more traditional, but at the same time she may show beautiful legs and the confidence in freedom of movement remains.

Wedding compromise dress - transformer skirt

For those brides who want to make their wedding look lighter and more delicate, but at the same time have doubts about choosing a short skirt, an excellent compromise solution will be to choose a transformer dress that allows you to change the length of the skirt. At the official ceremony or church wedding, the bride will be in a beautiful luxurious dress with a long traditional skirt, and during a banquet and wedding party - in a light cocktail short dress, in which she can dance until the morning. In such dresses, the upper long skirt is removed, under which there is a short spectacular outfit.

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