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Triumphant designer dresses. Each image is an amazing masterpiece of wedding fashion, immersed in a world of wealth and luxury. Those who can have many things they want are the ones who choose them.

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It is an exciting tandem of vintage and modern boldness. The latest and stylish author’s models for brides who see a fantastic wedding image of themselves at the junction of several eras.

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Daria Karlozi

Romantic, almost fabulous dresses that harmoniously combine tenderness, charm, and elegance, emphasizing young beauty. They are perfect for creating a classic image of the bride.

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Ida Torez

It is a demonstration of the right of every girl to be not only pretty and feminine, but also sexy on the day of her wedding. Extravagant and sensual images for daring brides.

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Lago di Como Collection @pollardi_fashion_group Pollardi's Lago di Como collection of wedding dresses conveys sophistication and nobility, reflecting the famous Lago di Como in the heart of Italy.  Each dress from the new collection will create the perfect image of the bride on her big day - such an important, exciting and long-awaited day, which will be remembered in detail and for a lifetime. This is an unforgettable day that she deserves to spend like a queen in the best wedding dress and shine like a diamond. #PollardiFashionGroup
Want to see our novelty? We invite you to the exhibition Interbride 2022 which will be held in Dusseldorf from 20 to 24 May. Our company will be presented at stand 3.C037 We will be glad to meet connoisseurs of quality and exquisite wedding dresses!
@pollardi_fashion_group Languora | 01253 Six Senses collection by #IdaTorez A-line is the traditional choice of many brides, as such a dress is a win-win option for girls of any stature and body type. However, to say that the dress looks modest will not work out: two revealing slits of the skirt add playfulness and sex appeal. #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez
Dear partners and those who want to get to know our brands better! We are happy to invite you to @europeanbridalweek The exhibition will be held from 30 April to 2 May in Essen, Germany. Find us at stand D184. See you soon!
@pollardi_fashion_group Alysee | 08193 Mysterious Bosphorus collection by @dariakarlozi_official A minimalist wedding dress with a focus on a rich fabric and sophisticated silhouette lines. The cut is A-shaped with a smooth expansion of the skirt from the waistline to the bottom. The dense and expensive mikado fabric with a soft noble shine was chosen as a material. #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
@pollardi_fashion_group Where there is love there is life. Our bride in wedding dress Mystery from Your Triumph collection. A spectacular A-silhouette dress with an asymmetrical corset looks interesting, stylish and modern. #pollardibride #pollardifashiongroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Alessandra | 08109 Tremezzo collection Princes-like dresses from your favorite fairy tale. The very ones that will satisfy the bride, her mother and the groom. Our dresses are the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony held in a villa, in the forest or by the lake.  #pollardifashiongroup #dariakarlozi
Dear partners and those who want to get to know our brands better! We are happy to invite you to @barcelonabridalfashionweek_ . The exhibition will be held from 20 to 24 April in Barcelona. Find us at stand A136. See you soon!
Pollardi Fashion Group - company that is developing extremely fast and has already fallen in love with tens of thousands of brides from around the world. Royal beauty and sophistication, grace and uniqueness are given to brides by professionals. Pollardi Fashion Group in a short period of time has managed to gain fame and compete with global brands. Wedding dresses are given an unforgettable fairy tale in unique styles and satisfy even the most capricious brides. #pollardifashiongroup #pollardi
@pollardi_fashion_group Amarea | 01245 Six Senses collection by #IdaTorez The classic fish silhouette became the basis of this wedding dress. The material is expensive suiting fabric, which looks rich and modern. The corset has a straight cut, complemented by the traditional shoulder straps. #pollardifashiongroup #pollardi
Pollardi Fashion Group is an international company represented in more than 80 countries. We keep working to make every #Pollardi bride the happiest 🤍 #pollardifashiongroup #pollardibride

They are designed for the astounding triumph of the bride


POLLARDI FASHION GROUP wedding dresses are a choice of brides with high expectations who dream to delight their chosen one, to excite the men invited to the wedding, and to outshine all girlfriends.


Every girl in our wedding dress is a bright, stunningly interesting, and demanding bride. She is an admitted queen of the wedding ceremony, who attracts admiring glances.


Many celebrities and show business stars choose exclusive dresses of our brands for various prestigious events, including for wedding celebrations, which they attend both as invited guests and as happy brides.


Our wedding dresses and images in general become synonymous with “luxury” already at the stage of inception of the idea. These are works of art that take several days or even weeks of handwork.


They have unsurpassed design, flowing trains, an abundance of hand embroidery, and a completely unique lace of our own production.


We use elite materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer the brides of our partners tailoring wedding dresses to individual measurements, so that they enjoy the major event of their lives with the utmost pleasure and comfort.


Marina Vasilieva, the owner and designer of the brand, feels the mood of modern and really demanding brides on the empathic level. She knows exactly WHAT such girls really want. And she embodies their wants in her sketches of wedding dresses.


Just imagine:


A bride in a luxurious wedding dress with a long train, intricate draperies, and hand embroidery

is in the center of everyone’s attention...


In a wedding gown that shines like a diamond after a skillful treatment by an ingenious cutter. Her image overshadows all other images.


You better look at any dress from our collections. You will see that it clearly demonstrates the exquisite taste and masterful talent of the designer, as well as the designer’s sincere passion for her labor of love. Flawless fit, top-of-the-range fabrics, and no extra detail. It has a truly royal chic.


It is more than perfect. The fairy show of a wedding celebration and a guarantee of a breathtaking triumph of the bride.



This is the dress. Just try it on.

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