Wedding headwear - trends and selection rules

You already have the wedding dress of your dream, you picked comfortable shoes that fit your dress perfectly and you have even decided on a hairstyle for this magical day. The final touch is to choose a wedding headwear. This accessory will not only decorate your hair and underline the natural beauty, but will also help to transform your wedding look.
Headband, wreath, veil, diadem, hat or crown - the styles of headwear and accessories are varied. To make the life for brides a little easier, we have prepared seven tips that will help you to choose the wedding hair accessories.

1. Wedding dress - style and design

Dress 3174 Jolie, headband 943104
Dress 01218 Devotion, headband 943106
Dress 3204 Nobility, headband 943100
Dress 3174 Jolie, headband 943104

The wedding dress is what you need to start from. First of all, you should ask yourself: “What will suit my wedding dress the best?” Everything is important: color, shade, fabric, texture and decor. You should also pay attention, whether the dress is embellished with lace, 3D flowers, glitters, crystals, pearls or gems. And don't forget about the silhouette - this is a model with or without sleeves, with a low cleavage or maybe a slit on the back.
For example, a delicate organza dress will be perfectly complemented with a romantic headband made of the same material. A dress that is studded with gems and beads can be matched with an equally spectacular headband made of gems. For more classic outfits and light dresses, go for thin pearl headbands or knotted headbands with a bow. A headband with a net or a veil adds some mystery and romance to the look of the bride.
If you have several dresses, more formal one for the ceremony and more festive one for the celebration itself, choose a handmade headband that matches both outfits. 
Moreover, it is not necessary to change the dresses. You can greatly turn to your advantage and change the look, just by changing, for example, a celebratory wedding veil for a wedding headband. Or, for example, you can choose a pompous headband with gems for a ceremony and a thin one with beads for a party - and your look will shine in a new way.

2. Wedding hairstyles with headband

943100 silver
943119 ivory
943123 ivory
943125 ivory
943126 ivory

The wedding headwear should look natural with any hair style and makeup and not to add complexity in the overall look. The stylish straight hair will be perfectly complemented with a headband with gems and rhinestones. The headbands with a wedding veil are beautifully combined with the Hollywood locks. If you want to have a low bun, choose the knotted headbands, wedding veil with headband or delicate organza headbands.

3. Wedding location

SWIMSUIT 08168.00.17B, headband 943110
Dress 01206 Delight, headband 943107
Dress 01212 Astarte
Dress 3198 Solemnity, headband 943102

The general theme and atmosphere of the event can also help you choose your wedding hair accessory. Choose your exclusive wedding hair accessory that matches the mood of the celebration. If this is a pompous celebration in a luxurious hall, a royal shining headband with gems, crystals and beads will be perfect. To emphasize the sophistication and romantic spirit of the evening, choose the light organza headband, with thin beads or pearls.

4. Take care of your personal comfort


It is important to choose a wedding hair accessory that will not create physical discomfort throughout the entire wedding. The wedding headwear that crushes your head or slips off as you move is not a good choice. In addition, pay attention to the quality, we recommend to choose handmade wedding hair accessories. Durability, neat appearance, without any protruding threads or glue are the main characteristics of a high-quality wedding headband, hat or crown.
You should not choose a cheaper option, because it will be noticeable right away and ruin the whole look both in that moment and on the wedding photos that will remain with you for the rest of your life. In addition, you have to choose the correct fastening of the wedding headband not to visually distort the shape of the head or face.

5. Think about what kind of wedding look you would like to create

Dress 01204 Sensuality, headband 943110
Dress 3194 Michelle, headband 943105
SWIMSUIT 08168.00.17B, headband 943110
Dress 3194 Michelle, headband 943105

Try to remember what your original fantasy was. Whether you dreamed of a classic satin wedding dress with a small tiara, or a lush wedding dress for a princess with a long train and shining accessories, or if you prefer a Boho wedding dress and stylish headbands – you should never give up your idea, because this holiday is solely for you. 
The accessories should meet the personal preferences and ideas about the big day. Don’t listen to advice from mom or friends - listen only to yourself. It is very important that you wear only the wedding dress that you like and the wedding accessory that will help you create the look of your dreams, regardless of other people's expectations.

6. Wedding jewelry and hair accessories is a part of romantic memories

943119 ivory

The wedding hair accessory of your choice will be a great reminder of an important day and can even become a little family heirloom. You can show your children the accessory you wore at the wedding and even pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter. In addition, if it is a headband, you can easily wear it to any parties and special events. Such an accessory will definitely make you noticeable.

7. The wedding look

The main advice is to have a completed look. The dress, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, decor, accessories and headwear should harmonize with each other. A wedding hair headband adorns the most important part of your body - your face. Therefore, it is important to make it show and underline your beauty in the best possible way.
Wearing a wedding headwear is a lot of fun and a way to add a touch of creativity to your bridal look. Feel free to experiment and follow new fashion trends such as textured headbands, delicate organza headbands, veils and stylish headbands.
The wedding hair accessories are hand-done by the masters of Pollardi Fashion Group, so they differ from each other and this is what makes them unique. Choosing our wedding hair accessory, you will feel yourself perfect on this important day.

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