You are the most fashionable bride: 21 hot trends in wedding fashion 2021-2022

Brides, who do not miss a single trendy novelty from the world catwalks, tend to choose the most fashionable, modern and beautiful wedding dresses. We have studied all the most popular trends in the world of wedding fashion in order to introduce brides to the latest details typical of current wedding dresses. In collections of Pollardi fashion house, you can already find many such trendy models of wedding dresses that were inspired by the latest fashion trends.

1. Sparkly wedding dresses

Glitter is a reborn trend that initially isn't something unique or revolutionary when it comes to bridal fashion. However, the iridescent shimmer of noble fabric, sparkling embroidery and rich shiny decor will not go out of fashion for a very long time. Therefore, designers continue to delight brides with actual incarnations of the idea of a unique wedding brilliance.
For the 2021-2022 season, the metallic sheen popular in years past is replaced by a graceful, discreet sparkle. Embroidery with beads or sequins with a mother-of-pearl sheen, shiny tulle, glitter fabrics are at the peak of popularity. An incredibly fashionable detail now is a veil, decorated with luxurious volumetric embroidery with glitter, as in the latest collections of Zuhair Murad.

2. Puff sleeve wedding dress

Puff sleeve wedding dresses, inspired by the fashion of the 80s, can be safely ranked as one of the most popular trends that you should take a closer look at. Even a very simple silhouette can be effectively complemented with short, long or voluminous sleeves. Statement-sleeves have been a real trend for several seasons, so it is not surprising to see them in the collections 2021-2022.
Designers offer both bold solutions and lighter options for girls who may find such a volume of a sleeve too daring. If you are interested in this design of sleeves, but at the same time you want to preserve the romance and femininity of a wedding look with an open shoulder line, you can opt for detachable flounce sleeves.

3. Sheer wedding dress

For many seasons in a row, wedding dresses with semitranslucent inserts on a corset or skirt have not left the lists of the most fashionable trends. More recently, such dresses could be called provocative, so models were often complemented by a petticoat or dress. But now brides have become much bolder and are so accustomed to the transparency trend that open body parts no longer bother anyone.
It should be noted that the transparency of wedding dresses has transformed into something completely new. Semitranslucent inserts and cut elements along the entire length of the dress, as well as wedding dresses made of organza and nude mesh with abundant decor in the form of crystals and sparkling beads, a small scattering of pearls or beads, are incredibly trendy now.

4. Minimalism in details

Understanding of the saying “too much is bad” will help the modern bride to stand out with her natural beauty. Lovers of a minimalist style can safely choose short wedding dresses with laconic and elegant lines without excessive decor in 2021-2022. For sewing such dresses, designers mainly choose dense fabrics such as mikado or crepe.
This fashion trend looks especially gorgeous in long-sleeved fish-cut wedding dresses, as well as in the traditional A-line dresses. Accents in minimalistic models are set due to an intricate cut, train, beautiful fabric texture.

5. Square neckline wedding dresses

In such an early Renaissance, square necklines were commonplace. Now this is an incredible trend in casual and wedding fashion. It was already used a great deal in the 90s and is now back again. Striking geometric style perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the shoulder line and collarbone. This interesting detail is successfully combined with almost any style of dress, be it a laconic crepe dress or a luxurious dress made of dense noble satin.

6. Jazz notes - vintage style wedding dresses

Vintage style is becoming more and more in demand and wedding dresses inspired by the jazz era of the beginning of the last century are climbing to the top of fashion trends. Spectacular casual glamor, characterized by soft silhouettes, beaded sewing and expensive accents, will perfectly fit into the wedding look of the bride. What makes jazz style dresses different? These are sparkling fringes, intricate beading, plunging back, feathers, crystals and semitranslucent fabrics.

7. Wedding wraps, capes, boleros

Now for brides, in addition to beauty, the versatility of a wedding dress is very important. Proof of this is the growing popularity of beautiful wraps, capes and boleros. The latest bridal collections amaze with the variety of interesting long capes that add drama and truly royal chic to the image.
However, this trend is not limited to long wraps only. Stylish boleros and capes that cover only the shoulders look no less attractive. Interesting solutions can be found in the latest couture collections of famous designers.

8. Naked back

A wedding dress with a deep cutout on the back is not a new cut detail for a long time, but this is a spectacular highlight of the models from the collections 2021-2022. Dresses with fully naked back or elegant V-neck look equally beautiful. A detail such as a naked back is perfectly combined with the trend for transparency, voluminous decor details and airy fabrics.

9. Floral decorations

Volumetric flower compositions have already become dearly loved by brides all over the world. In the new collections, you can see interesting modern silhouettes of dresses, decorated with voluminous embroidered flowers, which give the look a fantastic tenderness and femininity.
Such models are versatile, but they look especially impressive during ceremonies outdoors or near the water. In the wedding collections of designers 2021-2022, you can find many stunning dresses with both unimaginable three-dimensional flower appliques and exquisite pastel floral embroidery.

10. Fluffy skirt wedding dresses

In the trends of 2021-2022, you will surely come across fantastic wedding dresses with a fluffy skirt, in which a complex shape, layering and volume play the main role. If you are fond of fluffy silhouettes that emphasize a thin waist, but at the same time you do not want to choose a bulky, heavy dress, you should pay attention to this particular airy dress. Layered fluffy skirts have magical volume while remaining light and flexible. Such a skirt looks equally impressive both in traditional ballroom silhouettes and in bohemian dresses for lovers of sophisticated chic.

11. Bows

At the wedding fashion week 2021-2022, it was impossible not to note the abundance of a variety of bows: at the waist, on the back, on the shoulders. An accent bow made of organza, tulle, taffeta, glitter or mikado adds incredible romance to the whole look. Any, even the most restrained silhouette, decorated with a beautiful bow, will look very beautiful and modern.

12. Mallet skirt

Is it difficult for you to decide between a beautiful short dress and a spectacular wedding train? Then the extraordinary, but very attractive trend of the new season will be to your taste. We are talking about a mallet skirt, which is shortened in front, and falls down in the back with a long train.
Interesting and bold wedding dresses with this multi-height skirt are the best choice for playful brides. Such a model will look incredibly fresh and unusual especially at a summer wedding. Various decorative elements, ruffles and frills add even more mobility and magic to this silhouette.

13. Off-the-shoulder wedding dress

This trend is also not new, but one cannot but note the abundance of new modern models in the collections of wedding brands, which differ in one particular detail - open shoulders. The bride's bare graceful shoulders add sensuality to the look and complement the silhouette of sculptural dresses with a small train. The open shoulder line accentuates the neck and collarbone and the hairstyle looks even more splendid.

14. Slit wedding dress

We all remember Angelina Jolie's spectacular appearance on the Oscar red carpet in 2012. The black velvet dress blew up the internet with a provocative mid-thigh slit that beautifully exposes the leg. Now this trend is not leaving the catwalks, including weddings.
The high slit on the wedding dress is less daring thanks to the flowing textures of the fabrics and delicate embellishments. But, at the same time, the dress does not lose its sexuality. Stylish wedding dresses with a deep thigh slit along the leg can be found in the new wedding collections of designers 2021-2022.

15. Midi wedding dresses

Midi dresses were incredibly popular in the middle of the last century. Christian Dior played an important role in this popularity with his revolutionary New Look style. Such dresses were worn by the most famous film stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and others.
It should be noted that in 2021-2022, designers were inspired by this legendary style. A midi wedding dress can be called a symbol of elegance, which will appeal to brides who hesitate between long or short dresses. Modern or with a touch of vintage, comfortable and sophisticated - these models are ideal for girls who want to show their individuality in choosing a wedding dress.

16. Wedding overalls and pantsuits

Brave, confident brides will be able to appreciate another unusual trend, which is now at the peak of fashion. An elegant bride may show her strength and firmness of character through an ultra-modern wedding look. We are talking about an incredibly effective alternative to the usual dress - wedding overalls or sets of trousers and a top or a blazer will look no less attractive and beautiful.
From cropped “cigarette” legs to luxurious flying palazzo and bell-bottomed trousers - in the new season 2021-2022 you can expect an incredible boom of wedding outfits with trousers instead of skirts. This is a good choice for both young and older brides.

17. Mini wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses are gaining more and more popularity among brides who seek to move away from traditional ceremonies towards informal wedding ceremonies and parties. It doesn't matter whether you are organizing a minimalist wedding or simply looking for an excuse to show off the beauty of slim long legs - this wedding fashion trend is just for you.
If you still prefer to choose a traditional long dress for a formal ceremony, a dress with a short skirt will be a good choice for other equally significant wedding events, such as a rehearsal dinner, a bachelorette party, a party, a photo shoot, etc.

18. Crepe wedding dress

Crepe is gradually gaining the status of a classic in modern wedding fashion. Crepe fabric is an amazing timeless fabric. It has optimal elasticity and softness, which allows designers to create the most incredible styles of wedding dresses. At the latest shows of the wedding fashion week, stylish crepe dresses with laconic cuts attracted a lot of public attention.
A discreet and simple crepe skirt will wonderfully harmonize with a richly decorated bodice, shoulder straps or sleeves. If the bride wants to embellish her look with a luxurious intricate decor, a crepe skirt will be that suitable detail that will well balance the whole look.

19. Transformer skirt

The removable top skirt, which went down in fashion history thanks to the fashion house Dior and became a popular trend in wedding looks thanks to the Zuhair Murad brand, returns to the catwalks in 2021-2022. The detachable skirt changes any wedding dress into a transformer. Thanks to this, the bride can wear two spectacular outfits at once in the same style.
A wedding dress with a separate skirt looks great at ceremonies where you cannot do without a luxurious solemn look in the best traditions of classic fashion. After the ceremony, the bride can quickly take off her top skirt and continue to enjoy the celebration in a dress that is more comfortable to move.

20. Slip wedding dress

The lingerie style, fantastically embodied in incredibly sleek satin slip dresses, is perfect for brides who want to emphasize femininity, sexuality and minimalism. Such a luxurious and elegant dress gives the girl tenderness and fragility, emphasizing her innocence, while not depriving her of hotness.
In the 90s, this style was at the peak of fashion thanks to the supermodel Kate Moss. Now this trend has again won the love of modern brides, because the popularity of the lingerie style can be traced in everyday fashion, which makes a slip wedding dress incredibly stylish. A wraparound slip dress will be a good choice for informal summer ceremonies. This dress can also be chosen as a second wedding dress for a party, which can be complemented with a stylish blazer or cape.

21. Flounces and frills

Ultra-feminine details can make the wedding look even more romantic. Beautiful trendy frills and ruffles on the skirt, bodice or sleeves can be traced on the most stylish dresses of the new season 2021-2022.
As fantastic as a princess wedding dress is, it is in most cases extremely bulky. However, in the examples of new bridal models, you can see how skillfully designers play with different lengths of frills and asymmetries to create incredibly fashionable lightweight dresses. With fancy ruffles and flounces, wedding looks take on an absolutely new charm.

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