Choosing a wedding hairstyle: not as easy as it may seem

It would seem, what difficulties can a bride face when choosing her wedding hairstyle? It is enough to study current trends, be inspired by the selections of photos in Instagram, find the option you like that matches the length and structure of your own hair. In fact, everything is not as simple as it may seem initially. After all, you should take into account many other criteria, for example, the style of the wedding dress, the shape of the face, the transparency and length of the veil, the compatibility with the accessories, and many other aspects.
By the way, you should mind one thing: if the bride dreams of a high complex hairstyle or beautifully styled curls, she should think about whether all this splendor will withstand the ordeal on a wedding day, during which she will have to go through a photo session, congratulatory hugs from a multitude guests, dancing. And we must not forget about the weather conditions, which may be very unpredictable, because the strong wind, rain and snow can ruin any hairstyle.
That is why, when choosing a perfect hairstyle for a wedding, the bride should take into account many features of her image, which we will now take a closer look at.

Design and style of a wedding dress

Without a doubt, there are beautiful hair styles that will look great with any dress: completely loose hair with small or large curls, as well as a classic bun made of long hair. If the bride chooses an off the shoulder wedding dress, the styling that leaves the neck open to emphasize its grace will be an excellent choice.
A princess wedding dress with a fluffy voluminous skirt looks good with a high or neat smooth hairstyle, whereas it should not be combined with short sporty haircuts because of the imbalance of proportions. You can choose a slightly careless hairstyle with semi-tousled, but perfectly styled curls, into which you can weave thin braids or beads for a short wedding mini dress, especially relevant in summer.
Based on the dress design, it is important to remember the compatibility of styles. A classic wedding dress will be best matched with a classic hairstyle, while a colorful wedding dress or an outfit with a modern original cut can be complemented by a trendy styling.

Features of the bride's face

The task of any hairstyle is to emphasize the beauty of the face and correct the slightest imperfections and disproportions. Therefore, it is so important to take into account the type of face and its characteristics. In general, there are seven types of face. The brides with an oval face are the most fortunate, because almost everything suits them. If you need to hide a big forehead, you can choose one of the options of fashionable bangs. But if a girl has a large nose that needs to be visually shortened, bangs should be abandoned.
Try to bring a square face to a visual roundness. The bangs lengthened on the sides, which are now in trend, will do an excellent job with this, as well as hairstyles pulled up with loose curls. Those who have a round face should choose a styling and haircut that will visually stretch it. You can consider a hairstyle from loose long curls that hide protruding cheekbones, an asymmetric styling with a side parting or bangs, or a collected high volume hairstyle. However, the short haircuts are the least suitable for such face.
A diamond-shaped face can be corrected with a lush long hair with neat bangs. Different styling and haircuts will help soften the triangular shape of the face, but the main thing is to avoid the fluffiness and volume. High hairstyles and voluminous styling will only accentuate a pointed chin and weigh the upper part of the head.
What should brides with a rectangular face look for? The styling with the highly raised hair, elongated bangs, simple bouffant styling or a middle part will help to distract attention from the wide part of the face at the level of the ears. The hairstyles with the partially raised hair will suit those who have of a pear-shaped face. The voluminous styling at the top of the head, combined with flowing curls, will visually balance a massive chin.

Facial features

The large expressive facial features will look best if combinaed with a hairstyle styled in the large curls or, conversely, stylishly smooth styling. The sophisticated delicate features may be accentuated by small or large curls on long hair. The curls along the contour of the face help to visually make a large nose smaller, and a narrow, or, vice versa, a big forehead may be hidden by a bang.

Neck length

If the bride has a massive and short neck, she should lift her hair and put it in a beautiful bun on the top of her head. And if the neck is thin and long enough, a perm on medium hair will look good.

Hair structure

When choosing a wedding hairstyle, it is important to take into account the natural structure of the hair, since it is hardly possible to deceive nature without improvised means. Therefore, if the bride does not plan to use hair extensions or a hairpiece for the styling, you should know what to do with natural hair. The small curls will not look well on soft thin hair, but those who have rather thick and hard hair should take a closer look at short haircuts or simple styling with soft waves.
In order for the wedding hairstyle to hold well, the hair stylist should take into account the direction of hair growth, because it will always strive to lie in their natural position. For this reason, it is better not to do high styling for girls who have too low hairline, as it will very quickly lose its beautiful shape.

Hair type

Beautiful curly hair allows to embody the most interesting and unusual ideas. With enough hair length, the bride can style her hair in almost any way she likes, choosing a hairstyle with the curls pinned up at the top, waves framing her face or a luxurious shock of hair falling over her shoulders. Those who have straight, smooth hair can also experiment with the volume and texture. Twist the curls or leave the hair to fall in a straight cascade - the main thing is that the hair is healthy, well-groomed and shiny.

Hair length

If you have a long hair, you can do a variety of hairstyles, so a bride can bring almost any idea to life. It can be as complex styling with braiding, volume and additional accessories, as well as simple laconic hairstyles with completely or partially loose hair. The wedding styling becomes even more luxurious when it is adorned with a veil, flowers, combs with beautiful crystals, a diadem, ribbons or other decorations. The long hair will make any wish come true.
However, girls with short hair should not be upset at all, because such haircuts are no less popular now, and in the hands of an experienced hair stylist, a wedding hairstyle on a short hair will turn out to be incredibly delicate and charming. The modern short haircuts for a wedding celebration may be decorated with the fashionable wreaths, ribbons, thin headbands with sparkling decor.

Hair color

The choice of hairstyle, of course, does not depend in any way on the color of the bride's hair. There is no styling that suits the brunettes or blondes only. But the color can be taken into account when choosing the accessories that will be used for styling. For dark-haired brides, the decorations or flowers with bright accents of intense colors will be perfect. The blondes can decorate their hair with flowers in delicate pastel shades, such as a dainty chamomile wreath or a white orchid under a classic hair bun.

The figure and height of the bride

The bride with luxurious long hair wants to show off her beauty and tall girls may do it as anyone else. If you do a high hairstyle, it will add centimeters to the height, and this should be taken into account especially if the groom is not much taller than the bride herself. The girls of average height can visually stretch their silhouette by gathering their hair in a fashionable high ponytail or a stylish neat shell shaped bun.
For petite brides with a fragile physique, the medium splendor hairstyles with the soft lines and interesting weaves are well suited, while sleek, strict styling will not look that good. It is better for girls with the curvaceous forms to abandon the unnecessarily voluminous complex structures on the head. The neat, high and simple hairstyles with the addition of interesting accessories will look the best.

Accessories for decorating hairstyles

The wedding hairstyles are not limited to beautifully styled curls or intricate bun. The accessories add festivity to such styling, with the help of which you may differ a hairstyle for a wedding from an ordinary evening one. Among the variety of decorative hair ornaments, one accent is usually chosen. Most often it is a wedding veil, diadem, wreath, hat. The hairstyle can also be decorated with several small accessories - live or artificial flowers, ribbons, beads, combs, hairpins, etc.
The veil is an integral detail of a classic wedding look of a bride. This is one of the traditional attributes of a wedding ceremony and only a few brides refuse it. At the same time, the veil can slightly limit the choice of hairstyles, which should allow you to securely fasten it with hairpins or a decorative comb and look beautifully with it. A single-tiered veil will beautifully emphasize the simple classic hairstyles. For more complex and voluminous styling, you can choose a beautiful two-tiered veil.
A tiara or even a real luxurious crown often are used with a veil. With the choice of tiara, the bride can experiment and choose the model that will look equally beautiful solo or together with a veil.
Decorating a wedding hairstyle with real or artificial flowers is a separate fashionable feature now. They should be chosen so that they are in harmony with the flowers in the bride's bouquet. It is best to consult with a florist about which of the living plants and flowers are the most hardy and will keep fresh throughout the day, because a bride with a faded flower in her hair will not look great.
Due to the difficulties with the choice of fresh flowers, the artificial ones from silk or other beautiful fabrics are gaining great popularity. Such flowers are now so realistic and beautiful that it is difficult to distinguish them from real buds. The main plus of this decoration is that the flower will definitely not fade and will remain equally beautiful all day long.

Tips for brides from Pollardi stylists

Probably, every girl at least once thought about how to radically change her look. What can we say about brides who are in search of the perfect wedding look that will perfectly match the dress and look beautiful in photos. During this exciting time, how many of them are visited by the idea of changing the haircut, or dyeing hair a different color?
However, it is worthwhile to assess the situation sensibly and restrain such impulses. It is better to postpone such experiments with appearance for later. The pre-wedding period, according to many stylists, is not the best time for radical changes, because it will take a lot of time and additional spending to eliminate an unsuccessful result.
But what is really worth focusing on is hair care procedures. Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair is a luxurious hairstyle in itself. Therefore, be sure to visit a beauty parlor, where they will help you to bring your hair into perfect condition and refresh your haircut.
It is very important that the hairstyle is secure enough and holds all day long. But you should be moderate so that not to create a “reinforced concrete installation” that will last for several days in a row. The curls with hairspray and styling products look unnatural and not fashionable. Too tight hairstyle with many bobby pins and hairpins will only cause the discomfort and headache.
You’d rather pay attention to modern wedding hairstyles with the beautiful interweaving of braids, both vertical and around the head in the form of a wreath. Such styles are very popular nowadays and they go well with modern wedding dress designs.

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