Off the shoulder wedding dresses

Off the shoulder wedding dress is a real embodiment of feminine tenderness, romance and attractiveness. Any style of dress with an open shoulder line immediately stands out with such a charming detail. This is not surprising, since bare shoulders and collarbones have been one of the most attractive, sexy and exciting parts of the body for centuries.

Open shoulders and neckline in the historical context

Off the shoulder wedding dresses are distinguished by a style that presupposes the presence of a neckline, the history of transformations and changes of which can be traced in every era. Even on ancient Egyptian frescoes, images of clothing with such a deep neckline were found where the outfit itself ended, barely reaching the bust. Throughout all history you can clearly trace how the fashion for the austerity and the complete absence of cutouts on dresses was replaced by incredibly bold outfits where the breasts were bare to the most.
There was an unusual fashion for dresses with a neckline that exposes one breast in the Middle Ages. When the population of Europe was suffering from epidemics, the dresses with bare shoulders had to be forgotten about: in Spain, for instance, where people feared not only the plague, but also sexually transmitted diseases, everything that could lead to thoughts of the flesh was minimized. Therefore, women began to wear high-necked clothes with a small round collar. It was only in the 18th century that dresses with a bare shoulder line began to be in trend again, though only the evening ones.
In the middle of the 20th century, the great Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga demonstrated for the first time a new modern vision of off the shoulder style. Such dresses were to the taste of the fashionistas, and by the end of the 20th century, a harmony was achieved in society between the dresses with neckline and the norms of decency among the general public. Casual, evening and wedding dresses of this style amaze with a variety of stunning silhouettes that are incredibly elegant, feminine and graceful.

Who is an off the shoulder wedding dress suitable for?

The bare shoulder line is a traditional symbol of a harmonious combination of tenderness and sexuality, which girls at all times have tried to embody. Just think about the old-fashioned dresses and it will immediately become clear: the fair sex could always favorably emphasize the beauty of the neck, shoulders, collarbones and arms. As we've mentioned, the bursts of open-top fashion have been traced throughout history, and the trend is still popular today.
In the 18th century, the ball gowns with an open shoulder line became for women an effective way of flirting, helping to win the attention of men. In the middle of the 20th century, the fashion industry was again predominated by the love to this trend, it is enough just to look at the photos of Hollywood beauties from the red carpet.
Off the shoulder dresses are now popular again thanks to the interesting styles created by the contemporary designers as part of their annual bridal collections. An off the shoulder wedding dress is a great choice for girls who have:
● graceful shoulders;
● beautiful long neck;
● contoured collarbones.

Modern fashion no longer adapts only to skinny and tall girls. On the contrary, a healthy body with natural, beautiful shapes and outlines is now being praised. An athletic, fit, but not thin figure is the standard of beauty of the 21st century. It is for such brides that the current trendy styles of wedding dresses with bare shoulders will fit ideally.

How to choose the proper style?

An off the shoulder cut has its own unique benefits. First of all, it favorably emphasizes the beauty of the neck and shoulder line, and can also visually reduce the volume of the forearms or focus on the fragile graceful hands of the bride.
Since this style draws attention precisely to the upper part of the silhouette, it is worth taking into account several recommendations that will help you choose the ideal dress:
● For girls with excessive thinness or skin disorders in the décolleté area and shoulders, such a silhouette is unlikely to suit. In both the first and second cases, it will only draw attention to the existing problem and can spoil the whole look;
● This style will look very beautiful on a girl with not very large, but seductive bust. The proper cut will help to emphasize the merits, making the look hotter and at the same time more tender;
● The brides with the large lush bust should take care of special underwear with good bust fixation in order to avoid the incidents during the wedding and feel confident in their own movements;
● The design features of such a dress presuppose that it will not look the best way on girls with an inverted triangle body shape. Already broad shoulders will seem to be even larger, which will make the look disproportionate;
● The main requirement for an off the shoulder wedding dress is a stately, even posture. Wearing such dress, it is very important to keep the back straight all the time, otherwise all the beauty of the dress will fade.

Variety of styles of wedding dresses with an open shoulder line

There are different designs for the tops of these dresses. The brides have plenty to choose from, since the designers offer the most interesting and original solutions with different options for necklines, sleeves and other elements. The main thing is to choose the top that will ideally suit the bride.
Portrait neckline
This design of the upper part resembles the bend of a spoon in shape. A portrait neckline helps to balance the shoulder width or, vice versa, slightly narrow the shoulders. It is like a frame for the line of the shoulders and collarbones, making the neck and the face of the girl more expressive.
This neckline looks great with lowered sleeves of medium length, which add grace to the silhouette, visually concealing the plumpness of arms. The models with long sleeves make the look sophisticated and very expressive, emphasizing the femininity and fragility of the hands. 
Straight neckline
A straight, clear neckline above the bust is one of the simple, laconic and traditional options for decoration of the upper part of the bodice. Often this silhouette is complemented with the short or long lace sleeves, which make the wedding look feminine and sophisticated.
Lowered straps
The lowered shoulder line reminds of the straps that have charmingly slipped off the shoulders. This effect is created by a special cut with short sleeves or wide straps, giving the silhouette a more romantic and playful mood.
Almost all styles of skirts are perfectly combined with this option: straight, trapezoidal, sun, mermaid, princess, etc. However, it is the neckline that attracts attention, which can be beautifully emphasized with the help of luxurious decor, voluminous applications, lace, etc.
The complete absence of any sleeves or frills looks no less impressive. The form-fitting bodice can be chosen for any body shape and with the help of a slimming corset, it is possible to give the silhouette ideal proportions. Such a bodice focuses on the bust, that’s why it is decorated with various decor or interesting cut solutions.

The optimal length of the wedding dress

The length of the off the shoulder wedding dress skirt may vary depending on the personal preference of the bride, the season, the theme of the ceremony, and the characteristics of the figure. A long dress with a bare shoulder line is versatile - this is exactly the classic of bridal fashion that most brides choose. Sometimes floor length models can visually reduce the height a bit. Therefore, stylists recommend the short brides to choose long dresses with a not too fluffy skirt and without a train.
It should be noted that a midi wedding dress is in fashion now, the length of which reaches about the middle of the shin. Such a dress will look equally splendid on both petite brides and tall ladies. In addition, it is more practical and comfortable, as it does not hinder movement, due to which this length is now mostly chosen for summer wedding ceremonies.
According to the stylists, a short wedding mini dress with bare shoulders is not the best choice, since they recommend leaving only one area bare - either legs or shoulders. A compromise solution can be an interesting modern style of a transformer wedding dress, which over a short skirt has another long one.

Trendy fabrics and colors of dresses

A variety of stunningly beautiful fabrics from which the trendy wedding dresses are sewn can delight any girl. Airy and dense, smooth and textured, shining or matte - you can find proper fabric that will emphasize the natural beauty of the bride in the best possible way.
Traditional dresses, which are suitable for the cold season, are made of noble dense fabrics such as satin, brocade, taffeta. They have an incredible luxurious shine that makes the image royal, graceful and incredibly elegant.
In summer, brides give preference to airy light fabrics that form flying weightless folds. Chiffon, organza, tulle and silk are very popular. The most traditional and romantic fabric for the wedding dresses is considered to be lace, which can decorate absolutely any style with its fantastic openwork weaving.
The traditional color of a wedding dress is invariably white and all its shades. However, it does not mean that the modern bride is limited in her choice. She can choose the color that will best harmonize with her hair color, skin tone and eyes.
The wedding dresses with open shoulders in delicate pastel colors: peach, pink, blue, lilac are very popular now, while shades of ivory and champagne, along with white, are considered as classics of wedding fashion. The brides who are not afraid to experiment and want to stand out can even choose a wedding dress in bright colors - red, purple, orange or any other.

What accessories will suit an off the shoulder wedding dress?

Accessories should first of all emphasize the gracefulness and tenderness of the neck. Therefore, you should leave out the voluminous massive necklaces, and better choose:
● classic string of pearls;
● a thin chain with a small pendant;
● stylish choker with decor.

If it is better not to overdo it with neck accessories, while choosing earrings, you can dwell on the luxurious long pendants decorated with precious stones. The beautiful long earrings allow you to completely leave out the necklace - every movement will make them sparkle, which will draw more attention to the shoulders and neck.

An open top of a wedding dress can be complemented with a stylish cape, bolero or fur coat (if the wedding takes place in winter). However, you should bear in mind that this accessory should match not only the dress, but also other elements of the look. For instance, a fluffy cape made of fur should not be combined with an airy long veil decorated with lace. Flying airy floor length capes look especially gorgeous.

When doing wedding make-up, one should not forget about the open neck and décolleté area. With the help of a sculptor and highlighter, you can set off the neckline, making it even more attractive and seductive. And of course, it is important to take care of the skin. It should be perfect and flawless. In this case the tonal foundations and concealers that will hold well throughout the day are the best.
A bride can emphasize her femininity, gracefulness and sexuality in different ways: with an open back, a deep neckline or a high thigh slit. Though sometimes, to look like a queen, you just need to open the shoulder line and set off the collarbones. An off the shoulder wedding dress is an ideal choice for those brides who want to create a moderately frank, discreet, but at the same time exciting image that will delight all guests, and most importantly the groom.

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