Ball gown wedding dress - luxury worthy of a queen

An ideal wedding must be perfect in every detail, starting from the color of the napkins that decorate the festive tables, and ending with, perhaps, the most important and key attribute of the celebration - the bride's wedding dress. While wrongly chosen napkins will not be a big deal, the wrong style, color and decor of a wedding dress can set an absolutely sad tone for the celebration and greatly upset the bride, when she will be looking at the wedding photos later.
That is why, long before the date of the ceremony, the girls begin to look for that very ideal dress that they have dreamed of since childhood. Hundreds of pages of bridal magazines, dozens of wedding stores and numerous tried on dresses separate the bride from her ideal look. Someone chooses classic long, and someone short wedding dresses. Some girls like the luxurious train, while others like the original cut.
But it is difficult to argue with the fact that fabulous ballroom wedding dresses, which any princess would envy, cause sincere delight. It is this dress that creates a unique atmosphere, making the bride very beautiful in all its splendor and making her celebration unforgettable. Of course, many girls nowadays want to choose something modern and fashionable, but those who see themselves in a lush wedding dress may not doubt their choice, since the designers offer a large variety of luxurious ball gowns with interesting trendy details.

Sophisticated silhouette and its features

Lush ballroom wedding dresses are loved by many girls. This is not surprising, since we grew up watching cartoons about princesses, the main outfit of which was necessarily a luxurious dress with a fluffy skirt. One of the main advantages of such a wedding dress is that this particular style can create the ideal silhouette, emphasizing the curves of the female body and focusing on the beauty of the décolleté. A fluffy voluminous skirt hides voluminous or, on the contrary, too narrow hips, making the figure more harmonious and proportional.
Almost all ballroom wedding dresses have a built-in or full-fledged corset that shapes the figure and makes the waist more contoured. A corset is often the most interesting highlight of a dress due to its luxurious decor, interesting finishes or intricate cut.
For such a wedding dress, the main taboo is excessive frankness. This style is as if created for a gentle innocent princess who is going to the first ball in her life. The main accent details of the dress are the neckline and open shoulder line - the upper part is usually minimalistic against the background of a voluminous skirt, but also attracts attention. Modern designers offer many interesting ideas for the ballroom wedding dresses with and without sleeves, so the brides can try on different models and feel free to experiment with their own look.
The corset of the ball gown makes the waist thinner, emphasizes the beauty of the bust and draws attention to the graceful shoulders, thanks to which all the main advantages of the figure come to the fore. At the same time, any imperfections are successfully masked by a skirt. As a result, the bride manages to create a luxurious, noble and romantic wedding look.

Whom is the ball gown wedding dress created for?

Unfortunately, not all brides know which style of dress suits them best. Looking at the beautiful pictures in magazines or stunning models on mannequins, each of them thinks that the dress will fit her in the same way. However, this is not the case at all. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your figure in order to choose the proper style that can emphasize the merits of the silhouette. When choosing a ball gown, you should adhere to several recommendations that will help you avoid an annoying mistake:

  • It is best to choose puffy wedding dresses for slender, but not too thin, girls, whose height is 160-170 cm;
  • Short and thin brides who dream of a voluminous dress should first of all pay attention to the models with a high waistline;
  • The average length of the corset is considered universal, which is suitable for most types of  the figures. Moreover, if a girl has small breasts, a neckline with a cutout in the shape of a heart will look great;
  • Low-waisted ball gowns will suit tall brides. Such models successfully emphasize the hips and waist and visually make the bride a bit lower, thanks to that the image will look more harmonious;
  • Some imperfections in the waist area can be hidden with an embroidered corset. It favorably emphasizes the bust, visually narrows the waist, hiding its imperfections.

Pollardi stylists’ tips on choosing a fluffy ball gown for a wedding

So, what should a bride look for when she is looking for the ideal dress? Stylists give some tips:

  • You should not choose too voluminous and lush dresses with a very elongated train, because such a dress will look too massive and clumsy, thus causing a discomfort for the bride;
  • If you are planning a summer wedding ceremony, you should pay attention to a dress with a fluffy airy light skirt made of many layers of tulle;
  • A corset is not always the best solution. If the bride has small breasts, a dress with a top made of soft fabric will suit her better;
  • Luxurious volumetric decor is very beautiful, but we should keep in mind that it can visually add kilos;
  • Short brides should pay attention to ballroom dresses with an A-line skirt that visually stretches the figure. A classic princess skirt, resembling a dome, will suit taller girls, where lushness begins with a soft wave right from the waist;
  • This style is the best choice for the girls with an inverted triangle figure, which is characterized by wide shoulders and narrow hips. An accent puffy skirt will hide the hip line, thereby balancing a massive top. Thus, the silhouette will look more harmonious and proportional.

How should the corset of a ball gown wedding dress look like?

The ball gown is primarily associated with a corset. The dress, of course, can be without it, but it is this detail that is traditional for this style. If you choose the proper corset, the figure will look incredibly harmonious, chiseled and graceful.
What should you pay attention to when looking for the perfect corset? Everything is simple here:

  • Size – the stylists advise to choose a corset according to the size of the figure, as it slims and tightly fits the body. Moreover, no bride wants to get folds in the back or under the armpits;
  • Convenience - since one of the most important parts of a ballroom wedding dress is the corset, it should slim, but at the same time not restrict movement, and even less cause a feeling of lack of air;
  • Fabric - a soft corset makes no sense, as it will gather in folds. The corsets made of dense fabric, which can keep the shape well are the best, and the bodice can be decorated as you like (airy light fabric, lace, voluminous appliqués, beads, crystals, etc.).

Trendy skirts of ballroom wedding dresses

The skirt of this dress may be of different shapes and sizes. The most popular skirts are:

  • in the form of a bell;
  • with a small train;
  • layered skirts;
  • cascading skirts, etc.

Lush, impressive models are now attracting a lot of attention and are once again becoming fashion leaders thanks to the efforts of designers who release new wedding collections. Let's take a closer look at several current trends.

Layered skirt

A ball gown wedding dress looks very impressive when a layering rather than crinoline gives volume to the skirt. A few layers of tulle, chiffon or organza looks incredibly fabulous and magical. With such a skirt it is easy to turn into a real princess. And if the dress is complemented by an interesting drapery, beautiful embroidery on the bodice or an element that accentuates the waist, for example, a belt or a wide long ribbon, it will be difficult not to fall in love with it.

Cascading skirt

Another equally popular style of a fluffy skirt is a cascade. Due to the original transitions with the help of flounces, different layers and frills, it is possible to create fantastic, smoothly flowing lines of the skirt, which looks incredibly impressive and luxurious. The combinations of different textures of fabrics are in trend now. For instance, a silk bodice embroidered with sparkling beads and crystals will look great with a cascading chiffon skirt.

Abstract and asymmetrical cut

One of the trendiest options for a ballroom look is a skirt of an unusual abstract shape, as well as an interesting asymmetrical cut of the entire dress. To create such a model, the designers combine the frills, which can be both horizontal and vertical. The result is simply amazing - a unique unusual dress with a fabulous skirt that emphasizes the unique character of the bride.
In the past it was customary to combine the original fluffy bottom with a fairly simple and laconic top. Now designers offer the most impressive bold solutions with an asymmetrical cut, interesting cutouts on the back and chest, with or without sleeves. There are many options, you just have to choose the proper one.

Few words about fabrics

It's no secret that fabrics play a very important role in creation of a dream wedding look and modeling of the ideal silhouette. Therefore, while choosing the fabrics, there are some rules that are best to adhere to. The main feature of the choice is that the more complex the design of the dress is, the simpler and more laconic the fabric should be. This condition does not mean at all that the resulting wedding dress will be boring or trivial. Sometimes the simplest and the most delicate fabrics may create the most gorgeous, stylish and original dresses for brides.

If you want to achieve austerity of forms that can perfectly hold and model the silhouette, you should pay attention to the dense silk or crepe. The tulle and chiffon add airiness to the dress, and sometimes organza, gauze, glitter or veil look very beautiful. The luxurious royal dresses are sewn from satin, which look very aristocratic and feminine.

One of the favorite techniques of designers is playing with different textures. By combining different types of fabrics, they manage to achieve unique combinations for a unique wedding look. On the contrary, the lace and openwork decor are traditional elements that are now a little less popular against the interesting volumetric appliqués or draperies.

Variety of shades of modern wedding dresses

Despite the fact that white dresses remain the eternal classics of wedding fashion, recently one can notice an increase in popularity for delicate pastel shades: cream, powdery, lavender, pink, blue, etc. The latest collections of wedding dresses surprise even not so much with different shades, but with the original prints that captivate the spirit.

However, given the wide variety of colored wedding dresses, the bride should choose the color of the dress that best matches her skin tone and hair color.
The following tips will help you to make the right choice:

  • Brunettes look incredibly beautiful in snow-white dresses, as well as in outfits from fabrics with a slight golden tint;
  • Brown-haired women with fair milk skin will look great in pearl and light pink dresses;
  • Red-haired girls will look good in dresses of champagne color or ivory;
  • Ladies with light brown hair may choose fashionable snow-white dresses, decorated with prints of light pink colors;
  • Fair-skinned blondes should opt for peach, caramel, gold or all-white dresses.

How to choose the suiting accessories for your ball gown wedding dress?

Almost any modern hairstyle will look good with a lush, voluminous dress. Large curls or interesting weaving will look very beautiful. If the dress is as luxurious as a ball gown, it is best to opt for a simple, but airy and long veil that will complement the fabulous look of a princess.
When choosing accessories for the neck, you should be moderate - a neat pendant or a string of pearls will look the best. If you choose large earrings, you may not put on the necklace. Long classic gloves reaching the middle of the forearm can make such a dress even more beautiful, if we remind ourselves, that these are the gloves that the princesses in our favorite Disney cartoons had.

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Congratulations to Bride and Groom! This day is a start of forever for you two. Let your love for each other grow with every second spent together and be fulfilling and everlasting. Wishing you both a happy and prosperous future. P.S. We are so thankful for your feedback and tagging. Wedding dress by @ida_torez . #pollardifashiongroup #pollardibride #idatorez
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Jucunduma | 01260 Six Senses collection by @ida_torez Please welcome, our new lace dress from “Six Sense collection” by #idatorez . A-silhouette model has unusual color and is considered to be an alternative to traditional ivory. A seductive cut on the corset visually enlarges the bust line. The dress is embroidered by hand with sparkling sequins, beads and bright crystals. Marvelous skirt flows from the waist down creating romantic and glamorous wedding image. #pollardifashiongroup #idatorez
Linda | 08246 Arôme d'Amour collection by @dariakarlozi_official Every bride wishes to feel luxurious on her wedding celebration. And we are sure that one can feel it with our new dress “Linda”. This model has a traditional A-line cut that favorably emphasizes the figure of the bride. Wonderful lace corset is decorated with 3D flowers and has fabulous off-the-shoulder lace sleeves. A lush skirt gently falls down and is crafted with floral lace appliques on the top. Truly, this dress will help you to have a stunning look and feel the same on your wedding day! #pollardifashiongroup #dariakarlozi
A fairy tale becomes reality and dream comes to life. It’s all about our new collection “My fairytale” by Daria Karlozi. Collection is composed of dresses that girls dreamed of in childhood planning their wedding celebration. All the models have a unique and elegant designs in last trends of wedding fashion. Nothing extra, just what our brides wish for. “My fairytale” collection coming soon… Follow our stories to stay up to date with last news! #pollardifashiongroup #dariakarlozi

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