Lace wedding dresses – magic of lace

Each season, creating new wedding collections, designers cannot but turn to the most traditional and closely associated material with the wedding ceremony - lace. It is the lace that has not gone out of the wedding fashion for many centuries, and even now modern brides choose beautiful dresses with lace decoration. A lace wedding dress is a real embodiment of a noble royal image, filled with aristocracy, elegance and grace.

Fabric that never goes out of style

A classic wedding dress made of lace in its traditional sense has come into fashion more than a century ago. The first to wear such a feminine and elegant dress is considered to be Anne of Brittany - Queen of France and Naples, who lived in the 16th century. Queen Victoria, who assessed and defined the allowable amount of lace in the decoration, finally introduced lace wedding dresses into fashion. Since then, the lace wedding dress has become a true standard of fashion all over the world.
The famous Hollywood actress, and later the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, revived interest in such dresses. In 1956 she married Prince Rainier III. According to the contract, the actress could wear dresses made by the MGM film company only, so the designer of her dress was the in-house designer of the film studio, Helen Rose. To create a gorgeous wedding dress, it took 270 meters of antique Valencian lace, which has been kept by the princely family of Monaco for centuries along with historical documents, jewelry, furs and other luxury goods.
Except for lace, 23 meters of taffeta and 18 meters of the finest silk were used to create the dress. It is believed that thanks to such expensive and antique fabrics, the designer managed to turn the famous actress into a real princess. The story of Grace and Rainier itself was so romantic that the image of the bride for many years became a symbol of pristine beauty and sincere love.
Lace wedding dresses are equally popular among modern celebrities. Many famous women chose this particular dress for their wedding. At the wedding of the century of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the bride wore an incredibly sophisticated dress with semitranslucent lace sleeves and a stand-up collar. Such stars as Amal Clooney, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, Kate's sister Pippa Middleton and many others also married in lace dresses.

Modern trends

Every season, modern designers delight brides with unique novelties from a wide variety of fabrics, but many of them prefer to choose dresses with lace sleeves, backs, tops, or full lace dresses. Such models without doubts will:
● enchant with the intricacy and grace of the openwork interweaving of threads and patterns;
● be ideal for creating a sophisticated, innocent and gentle image of a bride;
● look noble even in the simplest and most laconic performance;
● amaze with a variety of shapes, textures, patterns, originality of cut and finish, thanks to which every girl will be able to choose the wedding dress of her dreams.
Lace looks very beautiful, can be easily draped, it can be beautifully combined with many other fabrics, and it also perfectly emphasizes the charms of the female figure. It is absolutely timeless, so every year we can see how lace wedding dresses are transformed on the world's catwalks.

Features and benefits of lace dresses

One of the features of lace is its elegance and solemnity, which makes it a win-win choice for the bride's look. Also, lace trim goes well with absolutely any hairstyle. Such decor at the same time makes you fall in love with its unconstrained lightness and noble royal romance. A bride wearing a wedding lace dress will not be able to get away from the admiring glances and sighs of delight. At the same time, we should note other advantages of such a dress:
● Luxurious look - lace dresses represent the standard of beauty for a reason. They are quite self-sufficient and do not require additional finishing and decor. The most suitable accessories for such an image will be a thin graceful pendant, the same bracelet and small earrings;
● Variety of types of lace and styles of dresses - the thinnest lightweight fabric can be used to frame the entire silhouette, which enables to emphasize the beauty of female forms, or be used as accent details when finishing a dress;
● Visual body shaping - dense openwork fabric can hide minor imperfections, making the bride's figure more chiseled and sculptural;
● Uniqueness - an abundance of intricate and original lace appliques, options for draperies and dress decorations using openwork fabrics, will help the bride to create an original unforgettable image.

Lace types

With a wide variety of lace trimmings, brides have a lot to choose from:
● Chantilly - this type of French lace is incredibly soft and beautiful. Delicate patterns of flowers are embroidered on a thin mesh with silk thread. Now this type of lace is the most popular and demanded in wedding fashion;
● Alençon is another French type of lace that is embroidered on a very thin transparent mesh. Shaped ornament of leaves and flowers can be along one or both edges. This option goes well with decor made of sequins, bugles and beads;
● Shiffli is an incredibly thin lace, embroidered with a special machine on a semitranslucent or transparent fabric. Despite the intricate pattern, such fabric is light and airy;
● Battenberg - a simple and affordable version of lace fabric, embroidered with linen threads, appeared in the 19th century and became popular among European brides;
● Point Duchesse is a lace from Belgium with a recognizable pattern in the form of randomly scattered flowers on a white base. It is embroidered in parts, after which it is combined into one composition;
● Lyons - due to its airiness and lightness, it is often compared to Alençon. The elegance of the fabric is due to the basis of the finest cotton or silk. The most intricate patterns are embroidered on the mesh;
● Venetian lace was created in Italy of the 16th century and is recognizable for its geometric compositions and floral patterns. Such fabric is usually sewn or glued in pieces onto the base fabric;
● Guipure - one of the most popular types of lace in the decoration of wedding and evening dresses. It can consist of both simple geometric shapes and intricate flower compositions. Different motives can be depicted on one canvas. This fabric is made by machine on special paper that dissolves in water;
● Dotted Swiss lace - this lace from Switzerland was created in the 18th century. When creating it, woven or hand-embroidered geometric figures are evenly distributed and sewn to the finest fabric;
● Crochet lace - knitted with a sewing tape based on the finest mesh. This lace trim perfectly emphasizes the charms of the figure;
● Eyelet lace - holes are cut out on thin light cotton, which are swept with decorative thread along the edge, creating a beautiful ornament.

Puffy lace wedding dress

Lace wedding dresses with a fluffy skirt in the princess style combine romance and majesty, grace and solemnity, delicacy and tenderness. This style can be considered versatile, but it may not suit ladies short in stature, since a fluffy skirt can visually reduce centimeters of the silhouette. Such models, depending on the pattern of the openwork fabric, give the brides the opportunity to create at the same time an impressive, gentle and romantic image. The brightness in this case will depend on how large the pattern is. Small openwork patterns make the dress more restrained and laconic.
The princess wedding dress will be an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony and a photo shoot. But for the banquet part of the celebration, where the bride has to move and dance a lot, you can choose another comfortable dress that will enable to move. An alternative solution would be a transformer lace wedding dress with a detachable top skirt.

Fish lace wedding dress

The fish style, or as it is also called mermaid, is ideal for curvaceous ladies of medium and tall stature. Such models:
● beautifully emphasize the seductive forms of their owner, and also make the posture stately and royal;
● create the perfect silhouette;
● emphasize the slender waistline, seductive curves of the hips, exciting beauty of the bust;
● look incredibly elegant and noble;
● are represented by a wide variety of styles (in addition to completely lace dresses, you can choose splendid models with lace sleeves, collar, bodice, back, skirt, train or other accent details).
Mermaid lace wedding dresses can be either high-necked or with a rather bold neckline in front and on the back. Models with sleeves, shoulder straps or a completely open shoulder line look equally beautiful. When choosing such a silhouette, it is worth remembering that the openwork elements attract all the attention, thus you can successfully highlight the main advantages of the female figure.

A-Line Lace Wedding Dress

Models with a skirt that gradually expands from the waistline, very good emphasize the charm and romance of brides who want to create a feminine and elegant image. This style makes the figure more proportional and highlights its best sides - graceful shoulders, lush bust, slim waist. A-line lace wedding dresses are both beautiful and comfortable, and due to the versatility of the style, they are suitable for almost all types of figures.
In addition to luxurious models completely finished with lace, designers successfully combine it with other fabrics, complementing them with openwork trimming of the back, neckline, sleeves and train. Dresses look very sophisticated when beautiful lace lies over an atlas or tulle skirt. Dresses with a bodice made of smooth dense material and lace trim on the back, neckline or skirt look no less beautiful. Many variations of the A-line dress can satisfy any needs of modern brides.

Straight cut lace wedding dress

The straight silhouette, adorned with openwork details, harmoniously combines elegant, restrained classics and refined simplicity, worthy of the most feminine brides. Such a dress is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, as it gives freedom of movement. Laconic straight cut models are beautifully complemented by lace - this trimming looks especially impressive on the sleeves, shoulder straps, neckline and back.

Short lace wedding dress

Owners of slender legs should pay attention to short midi or even mini length models. They often serve as the bride's second dress, which replaces a heavy wedding dress so that to have fun and dance during the banquet or party. Short dresses give complete freedom of movement: you can move a lot, accept congratulations, participate in wedding contests, without fear of damaging a long train or a fluffy skirt.
Short wedding dresses are also popular for summer ceremonies, or modest celebrations with those closest to you. Such models are as practical and comfortable as possible, but at the same time they look incredibly stylish on slender girls, emphasizing their individuality and fashionable taste. The whole dress and its details - bodice, skirt, back, neckline can be trimmed with lace.

Lace wedding dress with sleeves

Lace wedding dresses with sleeves are not only a current fashion trend that is gaining more and more popularity among brides. Such dresses have many other advantages, because they:
● make the bride's image more restrained and elegant;
● allow to do without an additional cape or bolero;
● give modest girls a sense of security and confidence wearing a chaste dress;
● can hide tattoos on the arms;
● give the image more tenderness to balance the possible sexuality of the style;
● are great for wedding ceremonies that take place during the cold season.
Nowadays, a various types of sleeves are in fashion - tight-fitting, voluminous, transparent, asymmetrical, long or ¾, in the form of flounces, ruffles, etc. The choice of different variations of sleeves is very large, which allows you to choose a successful model in any style from different types of fabrics. Fully lace sleeves have already become a kind of classic, the fashion for which was revived by Kate Middleton.

Lace wedding dress with a train

The luxurious flowing train makes the bride’s image truly royal and solemn, and the use of lace for its decoration gives the dress even more elegance and nobility. It is not for nothing that all princesses and queens have always had wedding dresses with a long train, emphasizing the aristocracy of the bride. Wedding models with a train:
● look great both in life and in photos and videos;
● visually stretch the silhouette, making the bride taller;
● are great for traditional indoor and outdoor ceremonies;
● leave a lasting impression on all guests.
However, when choosing such a dress, it must be borne in mind that an elongated train can impede movement and become dirty. Ladies who are not afraid of such difficulties and want to create an incredible royal look should consider purchasing a second, more comfortable dress for a banquet and party.

What details to complement a lace wedding dress with?

Stylists do not recommend overloading such a dress with many accessories, since lace is already a beautiful decoration in itself. You may complete the image with the help of:
● Jewelry - fairly simple and modest jewelry, adorned with clear transparent stones or pearls;
● Veil - if the dress has lace, it is better to choose a veil without such trim. You can completely abandon it in favor of a beautiful hair ornament, wreath, tiara, hats, etc.;
● Shoes – wearing high heels is not good for feet, since you will have to walk in such shoes all day. A good choice would be classic pumps, sandals or even ballet flats that are not visible under a long skirt;
● Cape - in cold weather you cannot do without such an accessory. It can be a bolero, fur coat, coat or floor-length cape.
Any hairstyle goes well with such dresses. The final touch will be a delicate bouquet - snow-white flowers, such as calla lilies, lilies, roses, daisies, lilies of the valley, look great.

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