A-line wedding dress - timeless classic

Among the rich variety of the most interesting cuts, designs and cut variations, the classics always remain at the peak of its popularity. It is chosen for its unchanging elegance, grace and laconicism, which at the same time remains splendid and trendy. A-line wedding dresses are exactly that traditional bridal style, which can be safely called the classics of more than one decade. Such dresses have a laconic top with a skirt that gradually expands downwards, visually resembling letter A.
Why did this silhouette gain popularity among brides? We list the reasons below:

  • Versatility - the features of such a cut can beautify almost any body shape, hiding imperfections and bringing merits to the fore;
  • Splendor - dresses of this style help to accentuate and highlight the waist, making figure look like an hourglass. It is no secret that additional curves make a girl more fragile, feminine and elegant;
  • Convenience - the absence of large crinolines, or, conversely, a skirt that is too tight, gives the bride complete freedom of movement. In an A-line wedding dress, the bride will feel comfortable dancing, bending over, getting into the car. At the same time, you do not need to worry about the dress touching objects around, guests, or getting dirty with careless movement;
  • Variety of decor - based on the classic silhouette, designers create the most incredible and stunning dresses for every taste to enable any bride to choose a dress with the decoration and embellishment that will suit her liking.

Bridal Fashion Created by the Greatest Couturiers

The very concept of A-silhouette was introduced into everyday life by the famous French fashion designer Christian Dior. That is what he called the collection of wedding dresses, as well as casual and evening dresses of his fashion house, which was released in 1955. A distinctive feature of all the dresses presented at the fashion show was a special style, which became popular at once. The Parisians liked it greatly and it became widely used.
In fact, the style created by Dior in 1955 became only the basis for the development of the model in the form which we have now. Another well-known French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent brought it to a classic look. He improved the Dior A-line and presented his own collection of dresses in 1958. This is the classic image of an A-line wedding dress we have now.

Whom will suit the A-line dress?

The main feature of this style is the harmonious combination of a narrow top and a loose skirt. The cut is conceived in such a way as to freely fit the figure, making it visually slender, without squeezing the body. It can turn any figure into a cherished hourglass, when the bust is beautifully emphasized and the bodice narrows gracefully to the waist, from which the skirt falls smoothly, expanding downwards. Thanks to this effect, the figure becomes more harmonious, stately and tall.
An A-line wedding dress can be an excellent choice for a bride with a disproportionate figure with imperfections. The cut will successfully hide the voluminous buttocks and thighs, giving the figure the right proportions. Dresses of this style look great even on curvaceous girls, as they very well hide extra pounds.
Stylists recommend to pay attention to an A-line wedding dress:

  • For girls with narrow hips - a multilayer skirt will make the image more harmonious and proportional, balancing the top and bottom;
  • For ladies with an inverted triangle body shape - a wide skirt and a small train will balance broad shoulders;
  • For brides with a pear body shape - dresses with an open shoulder line and a loose flowing skirt will look great;
  • Girls with a triangle body shape should pay attention to loose-fitting dresses with a V-neckline, without a belt and a clear accent on the waist;
  • Ladies with an apple body shape may choose wedding dresses with a corset, an open shoulder line and a shallow neckline, for example, in the shape of a heart;
  • Slender tall girls will look nice wearing any model of such wedding dresses, however, if you are tall enough, it is better to refuse high heels, because the figure will look too elongated and angular.

Advantages of A-line wedding dresses

This classic style has a lot of advantages. Well-chosen fabric, neckline, bodice type, as well as the optimal length and voluminosity of the skirt enable to create a fantastic wedding look for any bride. A simple, but at the same time very fine cut, makes it possible, with the help of folds and draperies, to successfully hide the imperfections of the lower body, leaving in sight the charms of the female figure.
The upper part of such a wedding dress can be:

  • with a graceful modest neckline or deep neckline;
  • completely open, emphasizing the fragility and tenderness of the neck, shoulder line and bust of the bride;
  • with straps or with different sleeve variations.

Depending on the desired look, you can choose the length of the skirt. Slender legs will be ideally emphasized by a midi wedding dress with a fluffy skirt. A floor-length wedding dress will make your figure more elegant and dignified.
Also, we must not forget about the large variety of fabrics that are perfect for such a cut. Chiffon, lace, mikado, satin, atlas, glitter, crepe - all of these fabrics look luxurious in the A-silhouette. Lightweight fabrics are ideal for the warmer season, while thicker and heavier are a good choice for a wedding dress for an autumn or winter ceremony.
But it should be noted that not all models of A-line wedding dresses are suitable for brides with sloping narrow shoulders. To balance the figure, it is better to give preference to dresses of this cut with sleeves that can add volume or even harmonize such imperfection. Dresses with shoulder pads in the style of the 80s, which are now at the height of fashion, or wedding dresses with sleeves in the form of flounces, lanterns, with ruffles, etc. will look great.

Versatile cut for different body shapes

A-line wedding dress fits flawlessly on girls with various body shapes:

  • Close-fitting and skirt, which smoothly expands downwards, make the figure slimmer, taller and more proportional;
  • Narrow or, conversely, voluminous hips, may be easily hidden by a beautiful vertical drapery of the skirt;
  • Elongated hem hides leg imperfections;
  • V-neckline not only emphasizes the beauty of the bust, but also makes the neck and waist visually longer;
  • Beautiful draperies or intricate decor, such as volumetric appliqués of flowers, patterns from crystals, fabric bows, will help to add volume to a small bust.

Soft folds, gently falling from the skirt, give the silhouette femininity and lightness, and dresses even with a small train will look truly luxurious and royal.

Features of the bodice and skirt design

A characteristic feature of an A-line wedding dress is the neckline. You can choose from a wide variety of options:

  • V-neck - versatile and perfect for both small and lush bust;
  • Boat neckline beautifully shows the shoulder line and at the same time hides the décolleté. Such solution of the upper part of the bodice gives the image modesty and tenderness. But it should be noted that such a neckline does not look beautiful on girls with large or wide shoulders;
  • Scoop neckline additionally accentuates the beauty of the neck, collarbones and even arms, and looks even better when combined with massive jewelry. However, for owners of a long neck, it is better to try on a dress with another neckline;
  • Sweetheart neckline - bohemian and luxurious option for girls with curvaceous forms. It makes the image romantic and pristine, and when complemented by well-chosen accessories it becomes one of the highlights of the dress;
  • Square neckline - very popular in the latest collections of bridal designers and almost versatile;
  • Rectangular neckline - gracefully emphasizes the beauty of the neck and shoulder line;
  • American armhole is the best solution for a long neck. A sexy wedding dress with an American armhole leaves the shoulders bare and hides the neckline, both looking incredibly elegant and aristocratic. Opening the décolleté area is possible due to the bust cutout, which also looks good in wedding looks.

The skirt can also help to focus on important details of the bride's image:

  • A voluminous skirt can both give a slim figure the desired shape and hide voluminous hips;
  • Dense heavy fabrics make the silhouette chiseled like a statuette;
  • A high skirt, which begins to expand just above the waistline, helps to hide the tummy and voluminous hips;
  • Thin airy fabrics make the bride even more feminine and romantic.

Stylists do not recommend to choose an A-line wedding dress only in one case: if the bride has a very small bust, a long neck and narrow shoulders. Such a dress can only enhance the visual effect of an already small top. Owners of other body shapes should definitely try on at least one model of such a dress while looking for the ideal wedding dress.

Fabrics and models of A-line wedding dresses

For sewing dresses of this style, the following types of fabrics are used and cut features taken into account:

  • Lace - a lace wedding dress, due to the combination of a denser base fabric and thin lace over it, perfectly hides imperfections. This kind of embossed pattern or printed decor is best for slender girls. For a ceremony in a warm season, a dress with a short petticoat and a translucent lace skirt can be a good choice;
  • Atlas - a noble textured fabric known for its luxurious iridescence. Despite its beauty, this effect can visually add voluminosity, that’s why plus size ladies should be careful when choosing this fabric. The atlas wedding dress flows very beautifully, making the bride's wedding look fabulous and magic;
  • Cut with sleeves - a wedding dress with sleeves made of thick, translucent or lace fabric is suitable for modest women, as well as for church ceremonies, where the shoulders should be closed;
  • Train - not all brides are ready to choose such a detail, but it is the train that adds royalty to the whole image. Of course, this is not the best choice for the fall or spring season when there is a lot of dirt, but in summertime it is one of the best options. Atlas, silk and mikado trains look fantastic.

The bride does not have to choose a floor-length A-line wedding dress. Midi wedding dresses are very popular, the skirt length of which reaches somewhere to the middle of the calf. Tall girls with slender long legs can put on a short wedding dress of this style. This model will not fit tiny ladies, as it visually makes the silhouette even shorter.

Pollardi stylist tips

In a bridal store, the bride's head can go round with a huge range of wedding dresses, each of which is beautiful and unique in its own way. If you like the A-silhouette, and you decide to stay on it, pay attention to some useful tips from stylists of the Pollardi fashion house, which will help you make the right choice:

  • If you are planning a summer wedding, feel free to choose models without sleeves or with spaghetti straps;
  • All shades of white will look even better on golden tanned skin;
  • If you want to emphasize the sophistication of your silhouette, try on wedding dresses with long sleeves, lace or translucent ¾ sleeves;
  • Hidden in a bodice or a traditional tightening corset will help to make the bust lusher;
  • A wedding dress with an open back and spaghetti straps can emphasize the fragility of the figure;
  • Don't dwell on white colors only. Colored wedding dresses in delicate pastel shades of blue, peach, powdery, pink, lavender, etc; look very beautiful;
  • If the bride is expecting a child, a high-waisted A-line wedding dress will be the best choice.

Accessories and decor

You can complement your A-line wedding dress with graceful accessories. A traditional veil will look great when complemented with a small laconic diadem. An elegant necklace and bracelet, or beautiful earrings will do. You should not overload the image too much. It is enough to choose a few appropriate details. It is desirable that all accessories have something in common with each other and have a similar design.
No less important for the dress is its decorative finish:

  • Beautiful, small contrasting details add flavor to the outfit. It can be a sparkling belt, a fluffy bow, lace, different in shade from the main fabric of the dress;
  • Embroidery looks very nice on smooth, dense fabrics. A richly embroidered bodice and a smooth laconic skirt will be an excellent combination;
  • Inserts made of organza, translucent mesh or taffeta can make a wedding dress airier and more weightless;
  • Crystals and pearls in the decoration of the dress look incredibly luxurious, elegant and noble.

In the collections by Pollardi fashion house, you will find the most trendy and stylish interpretations of the classic A-silhouette for girls of different body shapes. Intricate decor, original cut, exclusive fabrics - every detail of the brand's various collections brings you closer to the wedding dress of your cherished dream.

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