Giedre and Simonas - a school love story that has stood the test of time

Giedre and Simonas are a couple whose love began at school, and having passed the test of endurance for 10 years, it did not even fade away, but, on the contrary, blossomed with an even greater riot of colorful feelings and emotions. Giedre was delighted to share with us her love story and the story of how the Pollardi dress became the unique highlight of her long-awaited wedding.


Choosing a wedding dress

Our love story is magical and unique, although, probably, every couple can say the same about themselves. Simonas and I met in high school when we accidentally became classmates. Since then, he and I have been inseparable and have been growing up together, gaining new life experiences, experiencing joys and sorrows. We are loving high school students who’ve managed to overcome all ups and downs, criticism of our early relationships. After 10 years of a happy life together, we nevertheless decided to make a real wedding, which will become a triumph of our love.
Like any bride, I dreamed of a luxurious, unique, never seen before wedding dress. I saw my dress online in the Pollardi Royalty collection 2021. One glance was enough to understand - this is it! I tried on several different dresses in other stores before making the final choice. But when I tried on THAT VERY dress, it was the moment of breathless delight, it just looked stunningly. My mother simply could not hold back her tears, everyone was overwhelmed with emotions.

Our wedding was scheduled for mid-October. In spite of the bad weather which held up all the month, we were lucky that our wedding day was sunny. No worrying or stress, just lots of champagne bubbles, laughter and joy. I have not even once fixed my makeup and hair, so Simonas and I enjoyed every moment of that day.
What I was absolutely sure of was the perfection of my wedding look. The dress was absolutely amazing and didn't require any additional details. Thank you Pollardi for making me feel the most beautiful, desirable and unique on such an important day for my husband and me! 


Each love story makes us feel incredibly delightful and proud of what we do for brides from all over the world. We are very happy for the couple of Giedre and Simonas, and we would like to express sincere gratitude to the bride for choosing Pollardi Fashion Group and kind words. We wish the newlyweds to live every day of a family life as memorably as the bride’s wedding look was.

Special thanks to the:

Wedding store: Mon Cheri (@moncheri_salonas)
Photographer: Ana Rosso Photography (@anarosso_photography)
Venue: Vilnius – Grand Hotel Kempinski (@kempinskivilnius), Dubingiai – St. George's Church Dubingiai, Stud - Dubingių Žirgynas (@dubingu.zirgynas)
Hairstyle and make-up: Greta Vireliūnaitė (@gretamakeup_official)

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