Сustom wedding dresses

The main goal of the bride is to create a unique and luxurious wedding look that will fully reveal her individuality, emphasize the beauty of her figure and attract admiring glances to her. Despite the huge variety of wedding dresses, the choice of ‘the one and only’ dress often turns into the agonizingly long search. Each bride has a certain image of the ideal wedding dress she dreams of, but it is not always possible to find something similar in wedding shops. What can you do in this case?
Pollardi, the best-in-class brand of modern wedding fashion, offers the brides an incredibly comfortable and irreplaceable service that enables to create a unique look– tailoring of a wedding dress according to an individual sketch. Pollardi provides the bride with the opportunity to create the most beautiful, stylish and unique dress that will perfectly fit her and meet her expectations and dreams.

Why is not every tailor able to efficiently recreate a client's sketch?

Even the most experienced and professional tailor is not always able to make not just a wedding dress, but a really beautiful and unique outfitfor the bride. In order for the dress to be made without the slightest flaws and defects, a specialmodern equipment is needed, which only large factories specializing in making of the wedding dresses can boast of.
It is this powerful technical equipment that allows you to achieve the perfect quality down to the smallest stitch. The technological capacities of the Pollardi brand, as well as the modern sewing production, equipped with expensive imported equipment, allow us to implement any ideas and sketches of clients to the widest extent. The huge work experience and a large staff of highly specialized tailors, designers, decorators, embroiderers - all this will allow the bride to become the owner of the best wedding dress, made according to her own sketch.

The best materials for Pollardi flawless dresses

The customized tailoring is a painstaking work to make a complete image, which consists of many important stages, and one of them relates to the selection of suitable materials. Pollardi collaborates with the best factories specialized in the production of quality materials for making of wedding dresses so that customers can choose the perfect fabrics and laces.
Also, the brand's designers offer brides to create a special lace that will perfectly match her look. The design of such lace is individually developed to match the style of the dress in order to harmoniously emphasize its beauty. Pollardi designers have worked with unique orders more than once, for example, to create beautiful inscriptions on the skirt of a dress with the initials of the bride and groom, important memorable dates, quotes about love or other memories from the life of lovers. Any such element makes a wedding dress unique and distinguishes it from others.
The service of a wedding dress tailoringaccording to an individual sketch from Pollardi brand is the best opportunity for any bride to get the dress of her dreams, which is brought to perfection. In the process of work on such wedding look, even the smallest wishes are taken into account, so that the result is exactly what the client wanted.

Pollardi's unique measuring technique

When designing any dress, the most important stage is to take the measurements correctly, because this is the only way to make the perfect outfit that will fully fit the individual characteristics of the girl's figure. For tailoring of each silhouette, be it a fluffy dress or a fish, you need a special set of very different measurements. None of the specialized literature contains detailed information about the measurements that are needed for a particular style and how to take them correctly. Therefore, Pollardi has developed its own unique method for taking of measurements for certain styles of wedding dresses.
The mechanism for placing of a customized order is very simple, because in the process of measurementstaking, all data is entered into a specially prepared standard form, which is subsequently sent to the company. The Pollardi brand is proud of its fruitful partnership with the best wedding shops that are able to support such a difficult idea of creating the unique looks for the most demanding brides.
It is also worth noting that the unique system of measurements takingand the service of a wedding dress tailoringaccording to an individual sketch is the best opportunity for girls with curvaceous figure to get a wedding dress of theirdreams. The individual design of a plus-size dress takes into account all peculiarities of the figure in order to highlight the advantages as much as possible and successfully conceal the slightest imperfections. In such a dress, the bride can feel herself confident, beautiful and unique.

How is a customized tailoring of a Pollardi wedding dress carried out?

Making of a unique dress is a complex and multi-stage work involving a large number of people. The bride must understand that a customized tailoring cannot be completed in a week. It will take enough time to find and select materials that will meet her desires, create individual patterns, study the design and to approve it, as well as tomake and decorate the dress itself, etc. From the moment of signing an agreement with Pollardi, the making of a wedding dress can take from 1 month to six months, which is important to consider when planning a wedding.

Working with an individual project is as follows:

1.    You can make an individual order for tailoring of an exclusive wedding dress in any wedding shop that work directly with Pollardi factory. When the bride chooses one of these shops, a personal consultant will work with her. With his or her help, the desired sketch is considered, which will later be sent to Pollardi to agree on the cost and time required for a wedding dress making.
2.    After agreeing on all the details and important points, the necessary measurements are taken from the bride and her full-length photo is taken. All information is sent to the company, where the designers will develop a full-fledged dress concept for the most accurate and high-quality order fulfillment.
3.    Further work concentrates on finding the suitable materials for a wedding dress. Based on an individual sketch, Pollardi designers select several options for fabrics and laces, take photos and videos of samples in order to agree on the best options with the bride. Thanks to their vast experience, the brand designers are able to select exactly those materials that the client wantedin no time.
4.    The next stage of work is to develop the design of the dress based on the measurements that were taken from the bride in the shop. When developing patterns, all wishes and individual features of the bride’s figure are fully considered in order to emphasize her beauty as best as possible and conceal any imperfections.
5.    After the completion of the design development, the dress comes into the hands of the designer, who turns the bride's unique idea into reality. The designer also decorates the dress, takes many additional photos from different angles to get approval on each detail from the client.
6.    If the bride fully approves of the entire visual component of the dress, thenit is finally finished and sent to the bridal shop. After trying it on the bride, the tailors of the shop make even the smallest adjustments to achieve perfection. Since different fabrics have their own characteristics, Pollardi factory provides the possibility of tolerances to a smaller side, if the material has the property of stretching, or to a larger one, when the designer provides a certain package of materials.
Moreover, at the request of the bride, Pollardi designers can offer an additional service - the creation of individual hair ornaments as well as making a veil that will perfectly match the dress. In addition to the wedding dress for the bride, Pollardi factory can offer customized tailoring of bridesmaid dresses or children's dresses for little princesses. The created looks will complement the style of the entire wedding celebration as good as possible.

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