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Boudoir outfits by Pollardi

Seductive, airy, graceful. Boudoir dresses by Pollardi will touch your feelings and stir the passion of your beloved. They are eye-catching, intricate and multifunctional. These outfits will be a wonderful decoration both for the awakening of the bride and for the first wedding night, honeymoon, or photo sessions of the future mother. Sexy bridal lingerie, negligees, wraps, dresses, slip-dresses. You can choose the most luxurious boudoir outfit with Pollardi right now.

Lace bridal robe. Start to celebrate your wedding with Pollardi

The bride's morning is a moment which girls strive to capture in the photo no less than the wedding celebration itself. Amazing delicate boudoir-style outfits make them look irresistible at this moment - lace robes, wraps, sexy lingerie. Pollardi is not afraid to highlight the beauty of the female body, therefore, creates amazing modern outfits that emphasize the femininity and attractiveness of every girl.
As many brides say, self-confidence is achieved through perfection in every little detail. Therefore, Pollardi designers have created special bridal lingerie - beautiful, daring, perfectly fitting, invisible under the wedding dress and exciting the groom’s fancy when he can finally take it off. An equally beautiful boudoir slip-dress for a wedding can turn a bride into a real goddess of beauty, whose sensuality will be worthy of admiration for loving eyes.

First wedding night. You are irresistible and desirable in an outfit by Pollardi

It is easy to impress your beloved if you are wearing a dress by Pollardi on your wedding night. The collection of boudoir outfits presents exquisite sexy models made of the most stunning and eye-catching materials which emphasize women's beauty such as silk, chiffon, lace, translucent mesh, tulle. The most seductive and exciting accents are set with the help of a good cut and fantastic decor.
You will have an unforgettable first night. The bridal dress for the first night by Pollardi will bring even more romance, tenderness, and admiration into this fantastic passionate moment. Lush or flowing, short or long, white or black. The collection offers you boudoir dresses for the first night to meet your every need. 

Sexy honeymoon outfits stirring passion

The honeymoon is the time to enhance love and tenderness between newlyweds. You can bring even more emotions to this sweet time by taking a boudoir outfit with you on vacation. This is the kind of outfit your sweetheart will not want to take off, since honeymoon dresses by Pollardi will make you look even sexier and more passionate. The joint vacation of the newlyweds will surely be long remembered because the designers of the brand did their best to create stunning and amazingly beautiful looks.
It is easy to make your honeymoon more pleasant. For the boldest girls, there are many models of boudoir outfits in the collection: lace bodysuits, sets, transparent capes, romantic wraps, stylish jumpsuits, slip-dresses. Choose your unforgettable look for every night of your honeymoon.

Boudoir outfit for the highlights of your life

The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events in a girl's life. But boudoir outfits by Pollardi can delight beauties more than once because in such a luxurious outfit you can make fantastic sexy photo shoots in the most exotic corners of our planet. Stunning and sexy outfit will help to reveal the passionate sensuality of each girl, which you can grasp even through photos.
Another fashion trend is boudoir photo shoots of pregnant women. A luxurious lace robe or a wrap will emphasize a delicate, quivering look with a baby bump. A boudoir maternity photo in such an elegant outfit will enable you to capture the most reverent moment in the life of every woman. The designers of the Pollardi brand have crafted for you romantic airy silhouettes, decorated with handmade embroidery, lace, crystals and spectacular decor, which will make you feel like a real queen. 

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@pollardi_fashion_group Gracious | 08160 Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ Wedding dress grace with its mood seems to permeate the whole collection of gracious dream. The cut-off cup of the corset holds light straps made of organza with cotton thread. The same organza is used on the skirt. ⠀ The dress is decorated with 2 types of lace - the upper one is embroidered with snow-white beads and transparent crystal, creating an unsurpassed shimmer of the corset, which smoothly passes onto the skirt. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
@pollardi_fashion_group Gracefulness | 3208 Royalty collection. Your triumph is the main concept of Royalty collection by Pollardi. Pollardi dresses are about status, luxuriance and a particular way of life. This is a reflection of the bride’s inner world, the essence of her ideas about an ideal wedding. Exactly a wedding outfit can reflect a sense of style and uniqueness of the bride. #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Quivering moment ♥️ Triumphant designer dresses. #pollardibride #PollarsiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Queenliness | 3214 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group Royalty by #PollardiFashionGroup offers exclusive dresses with complex designs and a predominance of handwork. The brand creates exquisite designer outfits from quality materials. The main task is to dress the most sophisticated and demanding brides. With the largest factory in Europe, the brand produces fabric and lace of its production. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #pollardibride
@pollardi_fashion_group Edesia | 08186 MYSTERIOUS BOSPHORUS collection by @dariakarlozi_official A phantasmagoric dress made of expensive suiting fabric. A traditional fish style is used for the silhouette, and a V-neck adorns the top. There is a sheer high neck top, complemented by a long lace sleeve. In general, the dress looks conservative and very restrained, the accent is an expensive fabric and a complex composition. #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYBFW
@pollardi_fashion_group Fascinatia | 01248 Six Senses collection by @ida_torez Brides seeking attention will take fancy to such dress - after all, they know that the main decoration of the wedding ceremony is their presence. #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez
@pollardi_fashion_group < 1 - 5 > ??? 🤍 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group #PollardiFashionGroup
Royalty | 3199 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ Royalty collection is luxuriance, luxe, and status of a queen bride. The dress from the new collection is a luxurious outfit with a long train, sophisticated drapery, hand embroidery, shining like a diamond and overshadowing everything at the celebration. This is the jewel of the whole wedding ceremony and it is worth to become a bride to wear the Royalty dress. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Euphoria | 08159 Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ The special weightlessness of the Euphoria dress is given by the airy wings made of soft mesh, fixed on the shoulders and waist, smoothly falling on the skirt, flowing into a long train. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
@pollardi_fashion_group Serenity | 08200 MYSTERIOUS BOSPHORUS collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ Traditional wedding dress with a classic fish silhouette. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
@pollardi_fashion_group < 1 - 5 > ??? 🤍 Six Senses collection by @ida_torez #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez

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