The story of Giovanna and Miloš

Giovanna and Miloš are an incredibly romantic couple whose love story began in the bank where they worked. It was love at first sight, which gave rise to a long and happy family life story. Giovanna shared with us the story of how she fell in love with a Pollardi wedding dress and could not imagine her wedding without it.


"When Miloš and I decided to get married, I knew for sure that I needed a perfect wedding dress. And I was incredibly lucky to find it so quickly, and it was only worth visiting your website. As soon as I saw the Royalty dress from the collection of the same name, I immediately realized – this is it and this is the dress I will get married in.


I was lucky that one of the shops in Nikšić in Montenegro promised to bring the entire collection and my desired dress along with it in a short time. I immediately signed up for the first fitting. Arriving at the shop, I was presented with the most amazing, elegant and original wedding dress, which I could not even dream of. After the fitting, I immediately realized that I would never find something that could surpass this splendor.


The wedding day was unforgettable – Miloš and I were filled with wonderful emotions, especially when he saw me in a luxurious snow-white dress. At that moment, I felt like the most beautiful and beloved bride in the world. 


After the wedding ceremony, a photo shoot was waiting for us. My fantastic dress delighted not only the photographers, but also all the surrounding passers-by on the street. Thank Pollardi for making this day incredible – owing you, we will remember it for the rest of our lives."


We are incredibly happy that such a beautiful bride Giovanna was able to choose the dress of her dreams with the help of Pollardi Fashion Group. Our team sincerely congratulates the newlyweds and wishes them a long life together.




Photographer: @photo.fabrique
Wedding shop: @salonvjencanicacarobnikutak_nk
Hair stylist: @lejla_hairstyle
Makeup artist: @allbyjulija
Manicure: @darjagvozdenovic 
Decor: @say_yes_dekoracije

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