How to choose a wedding dress - tips from Pollardi

Wedding fashion does not stand still - every season designers offer brides more and more unique, stunning silhouettes, the beauty of which goes right to the heart. Now you can find a good cut for any type of body shape - every girl will look perfect by choosing the silhouette that best emphasizes her curves. We have prepared for you the most trending models of Pollardi wedding dresses - we are sure that you will definitely take note of some of them.

Princess puffy wedding dresses





Luxurious puffy wedding dresses are perfect for grand pompous celebrations in style. Since childhood, any girl dreams of wearing such a fantastic princess dress to shine on the most important day of her life. A puffy dress suits any body type, as it helps to adjust the silhouette and make it more graceful.

Fish wedding dress





The fish style is the choice of brides who have something to brag about. Such a wedding dress will perfectly emphasize the ideal body shape, tall stature, feminine curves and shapes. The range of dresses of the fish style is very diverse, which allows you to choose the perfect outfit for both romantic natures and impudent sexy girls. With sleeves, shoulder straps, a puffy skirt or a long train – every girl will find her own style.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dress






Such classy dresses suit modern girls who want to create a gentle romantic wedding look. Off-the-shoulder look makes the bride more fragile and refined. However, you can find more daring and bright models of the off-the-shoulder wedding dresses that will help emphasize the spice of the bride and make her sensual and desirable.

Asymmetrical wedding dress






The original asymmetrical style of a wedding dress -  is the choice of modern bold brides who are not afraid to experiment and strive to stand out. In such a dress, all attention at the wedding will be focused on the bride. You want to look at such dresses, because it is impossible to take your eyes off them. A dress with an asymmetrical cut that is well-fitted to the body shape will become a real adorning of the wedding look.

Plus size wedding dresses




Ample sensual womanly curves deserve only the best frames. And in this brides are helped by luxurious, well-designed plus-size dresses. Designers manage to create truly royal looks for girls with tantalizing curves to highlight the amazing merits of their body shape and hide imperfections.

V-Neck wedding dress


V-neck dresses at the back or in the neckline perfectly emphasize the beauty of the female body shape. Sophisticated silhouettes allow you to showcase the beauty of the breast, the grace of the collarbones, the soft curve of the back. These wedding dresses are chosen by bold sexy brides who want to look elegant and bright at the same time.

A-line wedding dress




The classic silhouette of a wedding dress will be appropriate for traditional celebrations and weddings. The A-silhouette always looks appropriate and solemn. In addition to beauty, the silhouette of such a dress corrects body shape well - this is an excellent choice for those with a pear-shaped figure, which is characterized by a “heavy bottom”. The dress makes the body shape more balanced, close to the perfect hourglass figure.

Wedding dress with sleeves


Wedding dresses with sleeves are one of the hottest fashion trends. Such models look interesting and very stylish. Puffy or tight-fitting sleeves, decorated with decorative elements, give the image even greater solemnity, royalty and luxury. A bride in a dress with sleeves will look gorgeous at any time of the year.

Sexy wedding dresses




The bride in our dresses will always be desirable, beautiful and incredibly sexy. Glamour daring wedding dresses perfectly emphasize the beauty of the female body, look spectacularly in the photo and make the girl the most seductive and charming. Each bride deserves hundreds of enthusiastic looks and admiration, and it will be impossible to take your eyes off her in a sexy wedding dress.

Satin puffy wedding dress




Satin is always about luxury and elegance. Puffy dresses made of noble satin look both discreet and elegant at the same time, but such an image is truly majestic and aristocratic. Laconism, beauty of fabric, lack of abundance of decor - all this turns the bride into an ideal flower, where the main highlight of the image is her beauty and femininity, which is so successfully emphasized by the silhouette of the dress.

Wedding dresses with spaghetti straps




Wedding dresses with spaghetti straps incredibly beautifully emphasize the elegance of the body shape, and especially the line of the shoulders and collarbone. These models are ideal for brides, whose wedding takes place by the sea or outdoors - this is a great choice for summer sunny celebrations. Spaghetti straps add lightness and sophistication to the wedding look.

Tea length wedding dresses






The new bridal fashion trend is a choice of playful and daring brides who want to stand out and be remembered. Such a wedding dress can be safely worn for a civil ceremony, as well as for a dynamic youth wedding party or a wedding with a small number of guests. Also, this style of dress is often chosen by brides to celebrate their second wedding day.

Halter neck wedding dresses





Owners of an elegant long swan neck should pay attention to dresses of this particular style. They simultaneously emphasize the tenderness of the neck and correct its length, making the whole image more proportional. Also, these halter neck silhouette dresses  are perfect for boho weddings, country weddings or ceremonies by the sea.

Boat neck wedding dresses




The graceful silhouette of a wedding dress with a boat neckline is a magical and delicate image for refined natures. Such stylish original designer wedding dresses get you to fall in love with restrained sexuality and romantic lightness. The elegant neckline is a subtle hint of feminine mystery hidden in the elegantly open neck and shoulders.

Backless wedding dress




A backless wedding dress is the prerogative of courageous and self-confident brides. This style makes it possible to emphasize your distinguished style and feminine sexuality. An open back looks incredibly delicate and daring - the main thing is to choose a suitable model of a wedding dress with such an original feature so that it maximally emphasizes all the merits of the bride.

Designer wedding dresses

Each dress can be safely called a designer one, but the unique creation of the designer cannot be compared with anything else. If the bride herself wants to dictate the rules and create her own unique image, she has such an opportunity - the custom tailoring service allows you to create a real masterpiece that will become a reflection of the bride herself and her style. For more information on custom tailoring, please follow the link https://pollardi.com/ru/individual-orders

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@pollardi_fashion_group Gentility | 3222 Royalty collection. Royalty by Pollardi offers exclusive dresses with complex designs and a predominance of handwork. The brand creates exquisite designer outfits from quality materials. The main task is to dress the most sophisticated and demanding brides. With the largest factory in Europe, the brand produces fabric and lace of its production. #PollardiFashionGroup #NYBFW
Grandeur | 3227 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Femme Fatale | 01217 Seduction collection by @ida_torez ⠀ An audacious asymmetrical dress is combined with two different fabrics. It is made of stretch satin and bead type lace. One side of the dress with a long sleeve is layered on the other and is tied with a wide ribbon at the waist. A skirt is decorated with a high cut. Bride: @krispetrova Photographer: @maximovawed Wedding Salon: @kukla_fashion ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez #pollardibride
@pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ Royalty collection is luxuriance, luxe, and status of a queen bride. The dress from the new collection is a luxurious outfit with a long train, sophisticated drapery, hand embroidery, shining like a diamond and overshadowing everything at the celebration. This is the jewel of the whole wedding ceremony and it is worth to become a bride to wear the Royalty dress. ⠀ Venue: @beaurivagegeneve Floral design: @bouquet.damour Photographer: @claire_eyos Planner: @aureliaboulenger Cake: @cake_jadore Makeup: @jennyjolymakeup_beauty Hair: @bridalbeautybylinda Gowns: @thefdressgeneva Jewelry: @natkina_ Stationery: @thevintageinkwell Female model: @morganecormi Male model: @mathieumaillard ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #pollardibride
@pollardi_fashion_group Splendor | 3215 Royalty collection. Your triumph is the main concept of Royalty collection by Pollardi. Pollardi dresses are about status, luxuriance and a particular way of life. This is a reflection of the bride’s inner world, the essence of her ideas about an ideal wedding. Exactly a wedding outfit can reflect a sense of style and uniqueness of the bride. #PollardiFashionGroup
Gloss | 3209 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ Pollardi - Premium designer wedding dresses for the most discerning brides🤍 ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Dancing Beauty | 08176 Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ The sophisticated Dancing Beauty wedding dress attracts with its exquisite forms, which are created with the help of silk crepe. The corset with a cut-off cup is decorated with lace and richly decorated with handmade embroidery - crystal and beads. The dress has an exquisite train - its shape resembles a dance of many petals. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYNFW
Jolie 3174 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group Royalty collection is luxuriance, luxe, and status of a queen bride. The dress from the new collection is a luxurious outfit with a long train, sophisticated drapery, hand embroidery, shining like a diamond and overshadowing everything at the celebration. This is the jewel of the whole wedding ceremony and it is worth to become a bride to wear the Royalty dress. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup
Brilliance | 3216 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ Royalty collection consists of premium designer’s wedding looks that convey luxuriance as a way of life. The brand’s designer and the owner of the company Marina Vasilyeva has studied thoroughly the needs of the modern bride, which are expressed in every detail of the wedding dress. Only the Pollardi dress will allow you to feel like the most beautiful and desired bride on the most important day of your life. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #NYBFW
@pollardi_fashion_group Which dress is your favorite < 1 - 5 > from the Seduction collection by @ida_torez ??? ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez #NYBFW
@pollardi_fashion_group Triumphant designer dresses. Each image is an amazing masterpiece of wedding fashion, immersed in a world of wealth and luxury. Those who can have many things they want are the ones who choose them. ⠀ Co-Concept Creator, Co-producer & Photography: @lindsayseverphoto Co-Concept Creator, Creative Director, Co-producer, stylist, & Planner: @elegant.steps.events Venue: @therubymanor Floral: @wildtheoryfloral Cake: @dolcevita_cakes_by_albina Tablescape: @plateoccasions Stationary: @polkadotpapershop Hair: @shanpetrohair Makeup: @makeup.by.adrienne Linen: @linencloset Dress: @toujoursbridal Bartender: @barchef Catering: @dannysappetite Caviar: @majesticcaviar Candles: @meltmenot Model: @kneagss @chitom24 Agency: @plutinomodels Rings: @lolajewellers Accessories: @accessoriesbytalia #PollardiFashionGroup #pollardibride
Magnetism | 3241 Your Triumph collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ The spectacular fish silhouette dress is made of sparkling beaded lace, which makes the wedding look even more solemn and luxurious. An elegant corset with a cut-off cup is just fantastic – it looks like a light translucent veil, gently enveloping the figure of the bride. The upper part of the corset is decorated with a glittering shiny wave-like ribbon, which turns into an elegant flowing strap. An even more luxurious look is given to the dress by massive embroidery in the form of voluminous applications. The set includes airy removable sleeves, the base of which is made of lace according to the silhouette of the hand, and the lushness and volume are created due to the veiling top. The form-fitting skirt turns into a sophisticated sparkling train. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #iamsposaitalia

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