Beach wedding. Nature as the main source of inspiration

Catherine and Denis are a great couple with a long-standing relationship. For her wedding ceremony, Catherine chose the Cyanea dress by Liretta. We would like to share with you her story of meeting her husband and the moment when she saw that dress.

We met about 6 years ago, the work brought us together. All those years we maintained the working relationship only. But, coincidentally, we somehow met again. As it turned out, we both had been waiting for that meeting for a very long time. We talked a lot that evening, and it was no longer about work. Suddenly, it’s like something happened and our eyes met in a special way. I remember how in one instant, I got peace of mind. To be honest, it was a magical and extraordinary day that I will never forget. After that, we started dating. We kept everything a secret, met only at night. These were special emotions and feelings, because we hardly slept, and then in the morning we went to work in good spirits.


I saw my perfect dress long before the wedding planning. It was a pure delight, since I have never seen anything more beautiful. Already in the status of a bride, I looked at it again and realized that it was kind of my dress. None of the alternatives matched the quality of tailoring and fabric to the dress by Liretta. I was fascinated with the perfect corset and intricate draperies which floated in the air. Moreover, we were planning a wedding at the seaside, and that model reminded me of sea. Sometimes it seemed to me that Natalia created the dress especially for me, because it is just perfect.


Having chosen the dress, we quickly figured out the wedding style, colors and decor. I did not want a veil, that is why I chose a neat designer comb, since I believed that the dress was absolutely self-sufficient and did not need additional accessories.

We are happy that Catherine has chosen the Liretta dress from Pollardi Fashion Group for her wedding ceremony. Our team wishes the newlyweds a stable married life and the overwhelming love.


Photographer: @golyak.yuriy

Videographer: @promax_studio_pro

stylist: @elizaveta_svyatetc

Dress: @liretta.official 

Jewelry Designer: @eolica_cj

Host: @malahov_event_crimea

Decor: @inbloom.ylt

Artists: @yagya_official


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