Madison and Austin

Austin and Madison are a Texas couple who have been in a relationship since high school. We were really interested to hear their unusual love story and how she felt about being a bride. Why was it really hard for her to find the wedding dress. Madison told about all her experiences.

"Austin and I met on a school trip to Colorado in January 2017. We had already studied together for three years then, but we never crossed paths. Once we were all having rest together and the discussion turned to Star Wars. The evening was fantastic. Light freshness outdoors, shining stars and that instant connection between us, after which I got attached to him for good.


Having worked in the wedding industry for many years, I knew that choosing a wedding dress would be quite a challenge for me. Each dress reminded me of the bride to whom I had already sold it. Working in the wedding shop, I dreamed of a princess ball gown. And when I tried on such a dress, I was not even surprised that it did not suit me. After all, I was of small stature, so the dress seemed to swallow me.


My sister chose a Pollardi dress for me. Initially, I refused to try it on precisely because of its design. My stylist came to help my sister, who convinced me, because this design was her personal favorite.


After that, I thought about the dress for the rest of the week. And as a result, I realized that this is what I need. I complemented my look with a veil, because when else I would have had a chance to wear it. An equally important detail was a pendant bracelet, which my husband presented to me.


My wedding gown was perfect. I dreamed about this day since childhood and looked a hundred times better than I could have imagined. Until the very day of the wedding ceremony, I did not show my wedding dress to anyone, so I will never forget that delight and sincere tears of all those invited. One of my favorite memories was our last dance after everyone had left. It was the time when my husband and I talked and summed up that incredible night. We cried like little children, and I will always remember how I felt then in his arms.


I suppose Pollardi Fashion Group created the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them."

We are grateful to Madison for such words and are happy that she felt herself unsurpassed in Pollardi dress. The whole team wishes the couple long years of marriage and immense love.

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