Muse of perfection collection

by Pollardi


Women are inherent in any manifestations of perfection. You know this more than anyone else, Queen, professing the main truth: not to seek inspiration, but to be one. Radiate it with a confident seductive smile and a special mysterious look; amazing charisma and depth of feelings. It is in your style, in your taste for life, in your ability to delight, surprise, always look fantastic and possess all possible manifestations of perfection. Muses can't do it any other way.

History knows dozens of amazing events and crucial moments that have made and continue to make the world change. Behind each of these stories there is always a woman - a muse. And while the world is waiting with bated breath for a new muse to appear, she is choosing her perfect dress.

“Muse of perfection” is a new collection and it is the pride of the Pollardi brand. Each dress is named after one of the most famous women who changed the world, who boldly went down in history, who were and remain a muse for many. A bride in a dress from the new collection also becomes a muse. Perfect and unique. Confident in her perfection. In her feelings, in her choice of life partner. And, of course, in choosing her wedding dress.

This time, designers are showing new variations of the royal luxury of wedding dresses. Impeccable fabrics, luxury lace, the most delicate tulle combined with exquisite trimmings have become a miracle. Each model of the “Muse of perfection” collection is designed to emphasize the perfection and peculiarity of the bride. Fantastic silhouetted and puffy dresses, different variations of skirts and tops, original corsets, perfect light-skin and ivory colors, delicate embroidery and special details. Each muse dress is an embodiment of style, inspiration and dazzling beauty.

The bride-muse in a dress from the new collection of the Pollardi brand is like an enigmatic riddle, full of emotions, love, harmony and mystery. She opens doors to the fantasy world, steals hearts and delights everyone with its perfection. She radiates greatness and inspiration. Her power of presence is felt even at a distance. She is like music, invisible, but exciting, unique and unforgettable…

It's so easy to become a flawless inspiration. Choose your ideality (your perfect dress) from the new collection and have the title “Muse of perfection”.

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