Soul Of The Sea Collection of Pollardi wedding dresses 

The luxurious bride’s look is not a coincidence or luck, but the result of the dedicated and painstaking work of designers who create incredible masterpieces for the most beautiful girls. Every woman dreams of shining on such an important day, and the Pollardi wedding fashion brand does everything to make her fanciest desires come true. The most beautiful wedding dresses worthy of a real queen are presented by the brand's designers in a new collection entitled Soul Of The Sea Collection.

Soul Of The Sea Collection is the embodiment of power, beauty and incredible appeal, reflected in incredible wedding looks for stylish modern brides. The collection is inspired by the vastness of the sea depths and the soft grace of the waves rolling in the wind. To recreate the very soul of the sea, the designers who worked on the collection of wedding dresses transferred the mood of the beautiful play of snow-white waves, the dazzling beauty of softly sparkling pearls, glittering reflections on the ripples of the water and the gentle breath of the sea breeze into perfect sketches of wedding dresses.

To create wedding looks, the trendiest styles of dresses were chosen, which advantageously emphasize the beauty and femininity of any body shape. In the collection dedicated to the sea, we can’t do without mermaid style wedding dresses that turn the bride into a real mistress of the deep sea. Dresses in princess style and with an A-line skirt look no less magical and mesmerizing. Soft, airy folds, luxurious trains and exciting cutouts in the décolleté area and in the back. Every bride can find the perfect style she has dreamed of.

Viewing the chic looks from the Soul Of The Sea Collection, we can’t but note the rich decoration of the dresses, elaborated to the smallest detail. Expensive intricate decor turns the dress into a real work of art. For decoration of dresses, we used complex volumetric appliques, lace, pearls, crystals, sequins and other decorative elements which attract the eye.

The fabrics used to sew wedding dresses from the Soul Of The Sea Collection deserve no less admiration. Light airy translucent fabrics fit perfectly into the aesthetics of a wedding by the sea. Dresses with fluffy skirts, luxurious trains and fabulous embellishments will win the heart of the most sophisticated bride.

The Soul Of The Sea Collection presents the trendiest styles of outfits: wedding dresses with long sleeves, open back, original décolleté cutouts, butterfly sleeves and many other interesting design solutions. It's never late to feel yourself beautiful. Wearing a Pollardi wedding dress any bride will shine brighter than the most dazzling diamond.

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It looks like a stills from a Hollywood movie. But it’s just a #lovestory of our bride. Everything is so stylish, elegant and amazing. And look, how perfectly our wedding dress complements the image. Our sincere greetings and best wishes! #pollardifashiongroup #pollardibride
There is something special and attracting in this photo. We are so excited, that our brand can help our lovely couples to create such an incredible wedding images, photos and memories… #pollardifashiongroup #idatorez
Magnificence | 3243 Lago di Como collection by @pollardi_fashion_group . A “Mermaid” silhouette dresses are so adorable and do not need any extra descriptions. This gorgeous wedding train and lace will definitely attract your attention at first sight. They create an original tandem and the dress looks amazingly beautiful. No wonder, that this wedding dress is on the top among the brides in Europe. #pollardifashiongroup #pollardi
Charly | 08223 ARÔME D'AMOUR COLLECTION by @dariakarlozi_official   Brides often look for a dress that could be used for creating a few looks for one celebration. And “Charly” model is perfect choice for such event! This trendy removable puffy sleeves with cuffs are ideally for an outdoor wedding ceremony or for the Sacrament of Marriage. After removing them, dress takes on completely another look and it’s perfect for further wedding celebration. Swipe and you could see a variation of this model. #pollardifashiongroup #dariakarlozi
Ivetta | 01292 Passion of the city collection by @ida_torez The design of this model is extremely interesting and deserves a special attention. At first, asymmetrical V- neck on the corset catches your eye. Next, you see those magic “floral lace game” with lace appliques that are combined on the shoulders, corset and skirt. Our designers created it so skillfully that this wedding dress immediately took a top position among our brides. #pollardifashiongroup #idatorez
Do you know that calla lilies become a new wedding bouquets trend in 2023? These flowers are symbolizing eternal love, family harmony and also have a status of a natural aphrodisiac. Truly, they are magically amazing! #PollardiFashionGroup
Love and be loved! Always and forever! “Better Together”! Let this quote guides you through the whole life! 🤍 #pollardifashiongroup #pollardibride
Agnes | 18125 LIBERTY COLLECTION by @liretta.official The combination of glossy costume fabric, translucent organza and ivory stretch lining makes this wedding dress an absolute favorite among the brides. And even though, at first glance this models looks laconic and closed, that cut on the back adds some flirty mood in wedding image. We’re sure, brides will feel especially and noticed in this dress! #PollardiFashionGroup #lirettaofficial
Evening shooting always looks magical. This mixing of lights, shadows and colors is fantastic! Our wedding dress model "Hana" is harmoniously combined with all this art concept. Find it here: Hana | 08204, collection Mysterious Bosphorus by @dariakarlozi_official. Swipe left and enjoy the aesthetics of evening romance! Photo: @nikita4erepanov_fotograf #pollardifashiongroup #pollardibride #dariakarlozi
Classic is always classy! And it is always in trend! Whether it's a black and white photo or a bun hairstyle that goes so well with a classic A-line dress. We are always excited watching your photos. It's great to see a perfect wedding look created with the help of #pollardifashiongroup! #pollardibride #dariakarlozi

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