Mysterious Bosphorus collection

Mysterious Bosphorus collection has soak up all this romance, mystery, ardor. There are good reasons why the creators have chosen such a name: as the majestic Bosphorus unites Europe and Asia, so do our dresses - they combine gentleness and sensuality, tenderness and sexuality, romanticism and fatal passion.

The look of the modern bride is embodied in traditional rich fabrics: mikado, organza, tulle, spot mesh. The collection provides a chic decor: handmade embroidery, an abundance of lace, inlaid with crystals, pearls and beads. The dresses are adorned with voluminous flower appliqués, which once again remind us that the bride is a ripe bud, ready to blossom in the arms of the groom. An absolute hit is the glitter fabric, with the help of which it is possible to create a noble glow: the bride shines in the sun's rays like an angel descending from heaven and illuminating this mortal world with her presence.

What the collection can offer

The collection provides many additional attributes to designer outfits - boleros, additional skirts and trains. The bride will be able to change her look several times during the wedding: throw a bolero over her shoulders during the official ceremony and add aristocracy to the look. At the moment of the unofficial part - remove the long train to enjoy the holiday to the fullest. At first glance, it may seem that the Mysterious Bosphorus collection is rather conservative, but this is far from the case. Each dress is like a precious frame for a gorgeous female body, sensual, sexy, wayward. The abundance of drapery and airy folds hides sophisticated and daring silhouettes, piquant necklines and bold cut-outs of skirts.

Look closely: each model hides a spark that can ignite a flame of passion in the eyes of the groom and cause the envious glances of all men at the ceremony. Here, as never before, the balance between chastity and fatal sexuality is embodied.

At the same time, the designers managed to preserve the romantic look of the bride, which all little girls dream of. She is magical, mysterious, faithful and loving. Soft flowing fabrics, fluffy hemlines, ruffles and layered bizet skirts will be associated with fabulous balls. Only after midnight the dress will not disappear, and the servants will not turn into mice: the bride will become a wife, say the cherished “yes” and the fairy tale will come true. Dresses by DARIA KARLOZI are the perfect outfit in which you will turn a fairy tale into true story and a dream into reality.

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