Milano Collection wedding dresses by Pollardi

Would you like to look like a million dollars at your wedding? Nothing is impossible if you entrust your wedding look to the Pollardi brand. It is here that dresses of amazing beauty are born that turn outdated ideas about how a bride should look like. The new Milano Collection is presented by the most spectacular dresses of the Pollardi brand, which are created for bright, self-confident and stunningly beautiful girls.

Milan is a city of fashion, luxury and passion. This is where fashion trends are born that inspire people around the world. People who live here have fire in their hearts and sincerity in their souls. It was Milan that inspired the designers of the Pollardi wedding fashion brand to create a new exclusive collection of wedding dresses. 

Milano Collection is the embodiment of modern aesthetics, beauty and elegance. The bride who chooses such a dress is a stately, proud and independent woman who knows exactly how to look dazzling and to create an unforgettable impression.

Luxurious images amaze with the intricacy of their decoration. During the creation of the Milano Collection, great emphasis was placed on the decor of each dress. If you look closely, you can see the detailed elaboration of even the smallest elements. These are not simple dresses, these are real works of art that amaze with the brilliance of crystals, spectacular embroidery, the intricacy of patterns, the beauty of lace and the fanciest volumetric appliques.

Expensive quality fabrics perfectly match the conception of the Milano Collection. Noble fabrics beautifully accentuate the silhouette, creating a fantastic bridal look. Among the styles in the Milano Collection you can find trendy wedding dresses with sleeves, dresses with a fish silhouette, dresses with asymmetrical and voluminous puffy sleeves, as well as interesting options of the cutout on the back and in front.

Luxurious trains deserve special admiration. Each model has a beautiful train that adds incredible charm and elegance to the whole look. These silhouettes look fantastic in photos and help to capture the memory of such an important day for a lifetime. Among the spectacular features of the Milano Collection, we can’t but mention additional accessories that beautifully complement wedding looks. Dresses are decorated with stylish capes and veils, harmoniously complementing the look in general.

Milano Collection is about boldness, sexuality and provocation. At the same time, even the most daring images do not look vulgar. Dresses from the collection will suit those girls who are not afraid to declare their confidence and attractiveness the way they want it. The best designers of the Pollardi brand have tried to put into each look a little bit of spirit, aesthetics and atmosphere of Milan, one of the most passionate, lively and hottest cities in the world. 

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