Milagro Collection of wedding dresses by Pollardi

The Pollardi bridal fashion house has always strived to create for the bride that very wedding dress in which her natural beauty will sparkle like a diamond in a noble frame. We are often inspired by the cultures of different countries to convey the original styles of wedding dresses with the unique mood and spirit. This time, the designers found inspiration in Spain, which became the basis for creating a new splendid collection of wedding dresses. We are glad to present you our Milagro Collection. It is an amazing combination of tenderness, sexuality and beauty.

The spirit of Spain surprisingly combines centuries-old cultural traditions and modern lifestyle. A striking reinterpretation of bridal fashion, inspired by Spanish passion and color, is reflected in the Milagro Collection. The designers of the Pollardi brand have tried to put the traditional aesthetics into completely new trendy styles of wedding dresses. The result has surpassed all our expectations. Bright, stylish, unique images will appeal even to those brides who want to bring the classic elegance of a traditional wedding dress into their outfit.

Milagro Collection is presented not only by A-line and fish dresses, which are loved by modern brides, but also trendy two-piece models. Crop top wedding dresses, consisting of a cropped top and a separate skirt, are now at their peak. Such models are ideal for a summer wedding. A two-piece or transformer wedding dress is perfect for the modern stylish bride who wants to stand out and be remembered. Each of the looks has its own unique flavor, which gives the outfits fantastic elusive magical features.

A distinctive feature of the Milagro Collection is the rich decoration of the upper part of wedding dresses, combined with the elegant laconicism of the skirt. Due to such contrast, a wedding dress with long sleeves decorated with lace appliques looks especially impressive. This image turns out to be restrained and harmonious, without losing its showiness. The rich decor also deserves special attention. Designers of the Pollardi fashion house have focused on the beauty of lace and textured appliqués that create incredible patterns.

The dresses from the Milagro Collection are based on a combination of complex openwork compositions on a translucent mesh, from which the upper is made, and the smoothness of the flowing fabric of the lower part. Light, airy fabrics make every look truly delicate and weightless. Lovers of chic and glitter will also be pleasantly surprised, since in the Milagro Collection there are dresses with rich décor both in the upper part and on the skirt, passing into a luxurious hem.

Beautiful lace trimmed with beads, crystals and sequins make the dress a true piece of art worthy of a real queen.

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