Istanbul Collection of Pollardi Wedding Dresses 

Oriental flavor, passion and luxury – all this became the inspiration for the new collection of wedding dresses, Istanbul Collection, from Pollardi brand designers. These are not just wedding dresses – these are royal unique outfits, each element of which attracts the eye. Modern bride's look does not tolerate mistakes: choosing a wedding dress from Istanbul Collection you will not make a mistake because these very looks will help you to look spectacular, irresistible, and majestic to the fingertips on such an important and exciting day.

Feel like a true modern Haseki Sultan in a luxurious wedding look from Istanbul Collection by Pollardi.

Each wedding look of the collection is imbued with luxury, and not with ostentatious one, but with noble one, which is worthy of the proudest and the most confident bride. Here, a successful combination of classic and modern silhouettes is invisibly traced, which are transformed into fashionable wedding dresses that correspond to current fashion trends.

Wedding dresses of Istanbul Collection are the dresses that can turn a delicate beauty into a majestic queen, beautiful as the dazzling light of the sun and charming as the mysterious radiance of the moon.

Exquisite silhouettes of wedding dresses combine European classics and oriental motives. The collection is named after the true pearl of the East – the ancient Istanbul city. The city is famous for being located in two parts of the world: Asia and Europe, which undoubtedly influences its culture and concepts of beauty. It is this border between two completely different worlds that designers have tried to show, creating amazing classic silhouettes of wedding dresses, decorated with luxurious oriental motives.

Unique wedding dresses of Istanbul Collection by Pollardi are imbued with the spirit of the East and European luxury – a unique mix of cultures and views on female beauty gave modern brides the opportunity to shine in fantastic wedding looks.

What should be noted is the thorough work on the decoration of each wedding dress. Unique three-dimensional applications made of expensive lace, hand embroidery, the most complex beaded patterns, a scattering of shining crystals – all this creates a charming magical look of a real oriental queen, which Roxolana herself would envy. The massive, yet elegant decoration is successfully combined with dense heavy fabrics and the lightest translucent mesh, which makes each dress look very complex and expensive. Istanbul Collection is a choice of strong, fateful and majestic brides who want to outshine the pearl of Bosphorus with their wedding radiance.

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