Barcelona Collection of wedding dresses by Pollardi

Each wedding dress tells a unique story inspired by endless love and tenderness. Each bride who chooses her wedding look wants to emphasize her unique beauty. However, not every dress can enhance the inner energy that makes the eyes shine. To achieve this effect, designers put their heart and soul into their creations. Pollardi wedding fashion brand has tried to make all the dreams of modern brides come true. We are pleased to present a new collection dedicated to Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and buzzing cities in Europe. Passion and energy boil here, which makes you fall in love and enchants at once. The spirit of the Mediterranean coast has inspired the designers of the Pollardi fashion house to create one of their most luxurious wedding dress collections called the Barcelona Collection. It took hundreds of hours of intensive work to create each image so that the bride, wearing a dress from the collection could feel the same fantastic sensation that fills her from the inside with beauty, love and self-confidence.

There are no trite or simple looks in the Barcelona Collection. Each dress is unique and perfect. Designers offer brides completely new bold looks, which you may put on without hesitations. In the Barcelona Collection you will find wedding dresses of different shades, styles, lengths and there is something that unites all the models and immediately catches your eye: luxurious incredible decor of each dress, thought out to the last detail, amazes with its intricacy, beauty and novelty.

Dazzling decorative elements were chosen to embellish wedding dresses: sparkling beads, diamonds shimmering in the sunrays, delicate pearls, incredible volumetric appliqués of flowers and lace. Each wedding dress is hand-embellished with a multitude of eye-catching details that merge into one harmonious look.

Dresses from the Barcelona Collection are perfect for a summer wedding. Light flowing fabrics, beautifully fluttering in the wind, give the bride's image charming femininity and romance. When creating the collection, the designers took into account all the current trends of wedding fashion. The bride has a lot to choose from: the collection presents fashionable short wedding dresses, wedding dresses with long translucent sleeves, graceful models with an open decorated back, fluffy wedding dresses and tight-fitting dresses.

Barcelona Collection can offer both more restrained looks for gentle brides and incredibly passionate sexy dresses that appeal to bright, charismatic girls. Pollardi is transforming old-fashioned idea about wedding dresses, offering the new vivid, eye-catching and breathtaking fashion to the brides. Barcelona Collection of wedding dresses is a unique mix of current trends and traditional elegance. This is what Barcelona is famous for, combining centuries-old culture and the active rhythm of a modern metropolis.

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