16 Stories Collection of Pollardi Wedding Dresses

The wedding is the culmination of a fairy tale about the love of two hearts, followed by a shared happily ever after. Every girl from an early age dreams of walking down the aisle to her beloved in a dazzling wedding dress, on which the eyes of all the guests will be riveted. 16 Stories collection of Pollardi wedding dresses, which seems to have leaped off the pages of a fairy tale, will help to make these desired wishes come true. Each dress is an unbeatable, unique, and exciting story of tender love, which is reflected in a stylish wedding look.

Become the heroine of your own love fairy tale, where you dictate the rules – dresses from 16 Stories collection will help you to look different: gentle, bold, romantic, sexy, or elegant, but in case of each choice, confident and dazzling bride.

16 Stories collection of wedding dresses is inspired with the desire of every little girl to one day become a real princess and marry a beautiful prince. Sixteen fantastic fairy-tale wedding looks from the creative designers of the Pollardi brand will help the bride to look as dazzling and magical as the princesses they dreamt of being as a child. The look of a modern princess is not about naivety and childishness, but about self-confidence, growing up and the desire to show your royal nature. 

Princess of the 21st century – this is how the bride looks in a luxurious wedding dress from 16 Stories collection by Pollardi.

Looking at each model from 16 Stories wedding collection, it is impossible not to note the incredibly thorough work on every smallest detail that makes up a total luxurious look. The beauty of noble fabrics is successfully complemented by a sparkling decor – a soft iridescence of pearls, a sparkling sheen of crystals, a shimmering reflection of beaded embroidery. No less admirable are the 3D applications taking amazing forms of flowers and fantastic patterns, as well as the beaded lace that effectively complements the wedding looks.

16 Stories collection of wedding dresses is created for brides who want to be the center of attention, riveting the eyes with their dazzling beauty.

Now brides do not want to be modest – they show their beauty and put it on the pedestal of the wedding look. Amazing outfits from 16 Stories collection of wedding dresses will help them to emphasize their forms, while maintaining a light elegance and romance. The collection successfully combines traditional and modern silhouettes, which are transformed into something absolutely unusual and fresh. Here you can find dresses with a full skirt and a train, like of a real princess, or form-fitting silhouettes that say – I'm a real queen here.

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The most emotional and wildest wedding of the year 🔥 @jessiitran and @c_calico7 - you are incredible! We are sincerely rejoicing together with you. #PollardiFashionGroup - we turn your dreams into reality! Photo: @madisonmaltby_photo
Only one thing can unite fairy tale and reality - our dress Madeleine | 08248 🤍 This elegant dress of the mermaid silhouette it will not only emphasize the beautiful figure of the bride, but also make the girl more confident. The model successfully shows beautiful parts of the female body, focuses on the advantages of the bride. Look for more fabulous dresses in our new collection: ARÔME D'AMOUR COLLECTION by @dariakarlozi_official #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
Alexis + Nick love story 🤍 We love looking at your photos, where you are so happy and special on your wedding day. @lexbuono was the perfect bride in our dress Fascinatia | 01248 from Six Senses Collection by Ida Torez. Be happy, our married couple! Photo: @josiebrooksphotography #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez #pollardibride
Feel like Cinderella at a ball, light and romantic. This dress carries a sense of style and sophistication. That's all about Honorine | 08237. ARÔME D'AMOUR COLLECTION by @dariakarlozi_official #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
NEW COLLECTION 🔥 Dresses by charming brand Daria Karlozi. ARÔME D'AMOUR - is about something completely new and interesting. Dresses for girls who prefer something special, something unearthly. Each dress in the collection seems to have been created from your dreams. Together with the our new collection, you will definitely made your modern and romantic image. You can already see more dresses from our collection on our website: pollardi.com #PollardiFashionGroup and #DariaKarlozi – we turn your fairy tale into reality 🤍
MARAYA | 08218 MYSTERIOUS BOSPHORUS COLLECTION by @dariakarlozi_official An elegant dress made of noble suiting fabric. The style is traditional for wedding dresses of the A-silhouette, suitable for girls with different body types. The bodice is accented with the asymmetrical cuts from the bust to the waist. The thin straps add romanticism to the look. Be a special bride and shine with happiness at your wedding. #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi
This is what dreams are made of ✨ @lisa.alboya – our sincere congratulations to you 🤍 Brides wearing dress Gloss by @pollardi_fashion_group photo: @bajrooo @munemyce h&m: @selinahuebscher salon: @perlen.weiss #PollardiFashionGroup #Pollardi #pollardibride
Excitementa | 01257 Six Senses collection by @ida_torez A win-win version of a traditional wedding dress. The glow of the corset nobly plays in the rays of the sun and the flash of cameras. In this dress, every bride will look elegant and as delicate as possible. #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez
Fascinatia | 01248 Six Senses collection by @ida_torez Brides seeking attention will take fancy to such dress - after all, they know that the main decoration of the wedding ceremony is their presence. The dress is perfect for creation of a modern wedding look. #PollardiFashionGroup #IdaTorez
Inspired by your love ❤️ Our beautiful bride @dygmr__ in a dress Liberica | LR18037 by Liretta. #PollardiFashionGroup #Pollardi #pollardibride

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