Pollardi - Premium designer wedding dresses for the most discerning brides

A wedding is the main event of life. On this day, there can be no compromises - everything must be impeccable: from serving to the wedding ceremony. And in the center of everything, there is a luxurious dress with a long train, intricate draperies, handmade embroidery, shining like a diamond and overshadowing everything at the main celebration. The dress of Pollardi TM is the gem of the whole wedding. It is worth becoming a bride for such kind of a dress. Our philosophy is magnificence, luxury and the status of the queen bride. Only a Pollardi dress will allow you to feel like the most beautiful and most desirable bride on the most important day of your life.

The Pollardi dress is the bride's triumph, the main detail of the wedding celebration. This is a status, this is a luxury, this is a way of life. This is a reflection of the bride's inner world, the quintessence of her ideas about the ideal wedding. Luxury and splendor, spotlights, bright fireworks against the background of the night sky - such a wedding deserves a bride who chooses our dress.

Triumphant designer dresses. Each look is an amazing masterpiece of bridal fashion, immersing you in the world of wealth and luxury. They are chosen by those who are allowed a lot.

Our wedding looks become synonymous with the word “luxury” even at the stage of the birth of the idea. These are works of art that take days or even weeks to make by hand.

They have an unsurpassed design, flowing trains, an abundance of hand-made embroidery, a unique lace of our own production, as well as elite materials from the world's leading manufacturers.

Just imagine:

In the spotlight - a bride in a luxurious dress with a long train, intricate draperies and hand embroidery ...

In a dress that shines like a diamond after being expertly cut by a brilliant cutter. And overshadows everything around it.

Better yet, take a look at any dress from our collections. You will see that it clearly embodies the delicate taste and virtuoso talent of a designer, as well as a sincere passion for what you love. Impeccable cut, luxury fabrics and not a single extra detail. It has a truly royal chic.

POLLARDI FASHION GROUP wedding dresses are the choice of brides with high expectations who dream to delight their chosen one, thrill all the men invited to the wedding and outshine all their friends.

More than perfect. The extravaganza of a wedding celebration and a guarantee of a breathtaking triumph of the bride.

Your triumph


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