Ida Torez:

Passionate wedding looks for modern brides.


Extravagant and sensual.

Ida Torez is passion and sensuality expressed in a wedding dress. Bold, moderately revealing wedding dresses, made by designers to highlight the beauty of a young female body. 

The bride in our dresses is sexy, beautiful and always desirable. Our dresses seem to be “born” for stunning photoshoots in the most heavenly corners of the planet. Every bride deserves to be the main decoration of the wedding celebration and to catch the admiring glances of both men and women.

The company's mission is to turn the bride into an object of desire for men. It is beneficial to emphasize the beauty of a young, healthy, well-groomed body. To show that the wedding is not only tradition, but feelings and sensations: sexuality, obsession, passion, love. There is no point in hiding what nature has endowed. Femininity, playfulness, light eroticism and even provocation - these are Ida Torez dresses.

The bold designer wedding looks. 

An ode to the beautiful body and sexuality of the bride. 

For girls who are aware of their beauty and sexuality. Fashionable designs, sensual silhouettes, handmade, unique lace of our own production.

A wedding dress is like a precious frame for a beautiful body, which does not hide, but only emphasizes the natural sexuality of a woman. 

The bride in the Ida Torez dress is the object of desire for the groom and the reason for jealousy of all other men at the celebration. Unleash the full potential of femininity with bold, designer looks, made following the latest trends of global fashion.

This is my wish!

This is my whim!


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