Daria Karlozi:

Romantic classic wedding dresses

Every bride deserves the wedding she has dreamed of since childhood. Our dresses are an important part of the celebration. Princes-like dresses from your favorite fairy tale. The very ones that will satisfy the bride, her mother and the groom. Our dresses are the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony held in a villa, in the forest or by the lake. 

Classic, and at the same time not simple at all - a dress presented by the Fairy Godmother to Cinderella for her wedding. You will recognize our dress by its silhouette and details: open back, delicate neckline, flowing lace, bugles and embroidery. Wearing our dress is like a dream that comes true. All the decorations and the concept of the celebration are lined up immediately, as soon as the bride sees the dress.

We give brides a wedding they have dreamed of since childhood - tender, airy, romantic, in the most beautiful dress. 

Our dresses are exactly like those that they, being the little girls, cut out of the magazines and pasted into their diaries, along with quotes about eternal love.

We give the feeling that dreams come true for those who believe in them. After all, a wedding is a fairy tale with a happy ending. We help to etch on your memory the bright moments of joy: the bride in the most beautiful dress, and the quivering moment at the altar - the birth of a family and the joyful smiles of those who are the closest to you.

The timeless romantic wedding looks. Classic silhouettes. Lightweight dresses, time-tested styles. Romantic, with lace, bugles, appliqués and handmade elements.

Once upon a time in a fairy tale

Daria Karlozi

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