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A lush A-line wedding dress in light skin color successfully emphasizes the waistline and focuses attention on the décolleté area. The semi-transparent top is made with a boat neck and a nude mesh insert in the center of the front panel, reaching to the waistline. The back is slightly curved below the level of the shoulder blades. The top is made using a delicate gloss and decorated with delicate embroidery and lace with a 3D effect. The corset is fastened in the center of the back with a hidden zipper. The puffy skirt has a luxurious royal train. The tulle top train is also decorated with 3D lace and embroidered with floral appliqués that cascade down from the corset. The second layer is made of a delicate gloss. The skirt is fastened in the center of the back panel with a hidden zipper. This dress can be made in ivory color.

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