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MYSTERIOUS BOSPHORUS COLLECTION by @dariakarlozi_oficial Charming dresses that make you fall in love at first sight. The romantic and most traditional collection will not leave anyone indifferent 💔 Photos of dresses in post: 1. LA PELLEGRINA |08181 2. NAIA | 08213 3. AMBROSIA | 08178 4. JADE | 08180 5. BASMALINA | 08183 6. MAJESTY | 08185 7. SURAMA | 08187 8. PARSIFAL | 08201 9. LAMIMA | 08204 10. ALYSEE | 08193 More dresses are available on our official website – pollardi.com #pollardifashiongroup #daria_karlozi
Want to see our novelty? We invite you to the @nationalbridalmarket which will be held in Chicago from 28 to 30 August. Our company will be presented at stand 5073. We will be glad to meet connoisseurs of quality and exquisite wedding dresses!
@pollardi_fashion_group Dolci Sapori | 18118 Liberty collection by @liretta.official The dress that grants wishes. It has the power to make you the most beautiful, the most radiant and the happiest bride in the world. #PollardiFashionGroup #liretta
Dear partners and those who want to get to know our brands better! We are happy to invite you to @formalmarkets The fair will be held from 15 to 17 August in Las Vegas. Find us at stand 295B See you soon!
@pollardi_fashion_group Vincenza | 3277 Lago di Como collection by Pollardi Traditional A-line wedding dress is suitable for ladies of any physique. This cut will hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the body shape. The dress is sewn from delicate mikado material - a worthy royal person. #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Cyanea | 18070 Deep Water collection by @liretta.official Fitted strapless wedding dress with a short train. The top is decorated with the multilayer drapery made of gray-blue organza and fixed with the thin sash and beads. #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Mellia | 18127 Liberty collection by @liretta.official Changing the image during the holiday is easy! Especially if you have chosen one of the transformer dresses from the Liberty collection. #PollardiFashionGroup
NEW Liberty collection by @liretta.official A bride who chooses a dress from our new collection is free in her desires, in her choice, in the variety and fulfillment of her life. When getting married, a woman does not change her world, her passion for life, does not lose her individuality and personality, but on the contrary, becomes only the best version of herself alongside her beloved man, who supports her in this. #PollardiFashionGroup
@pollardi_fashion_group Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own 🤍 #PollardiFashionGroup #Pollardibride
@pollardi_fashion_group Ornella | 3282 Lago di Como collection Traditional A-line wedding dress is suitable for ladies of any physique. Such a cut will help to focus on the bust, hide all the flaws of the physique and visually make it slimmer. Expensive lace and glitter provide a delicate glow of the outfit in natural light. #PollardiFashionGroup

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