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The mermaid silhouette dress in light skin color with magical shimmer, embroidered patterns and a magnificent train embodies all the wishes of the bride – to have a luxurious outfit and emphasize her perfection. A semi-transparent corset with a deep V-neck has embroidered thin straps that draw attention to a slender posture. The back is concave, below the shoulder blade line and with a low skirt sewing line. The effect of nakedness is created by nude-colored meshes. The top is decorated with embroidered appliqués through which a delicate milky sheen shines. The fastener in the center of the back is with a loop and button. The skirt of the dress is fitted in the hip area with an airy light train. The top layer of the skirt is decorated with lace, smoothly passing from the corset. The lower part of the fluffy skirt is made of tulle and delicate shine. The closure of the skirt is a hidden zipper. Buttons are sewn on the size of the fastener as a decoration. The bride can choose this dress in ivory color.

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Ellatta - da collezione Gorgeous woman collezione - article - IT 3323.00.17

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