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In a mermaid silhouette dress in light skin color, the bride will emphasize her perfection, graceful posture and seductive curves of the body. A semi-transparent corset with a deep V-neck attracts the groom's gaze to the décolleté area. The top is made of pearl-embroidered lace and decorated with 3D effect appliqués that smoothly pass to the shoulders and cover the sewing lines of long translucent lace sleeves covered with delicate embroidery with small pearls. The back of the top has a V-neckline above the waistline. The fastener is loops and buttons. The guests of the wedding ceremony, with bated breath, will look at the graceful lightness of the bride's gait, which is created by a translucent skirt of a close-fitting shape in the hip area and an expanded bottom with a train. The top layer is made of lace, embroidered with pearls and decorated with 3D effect appliqués that smoothly pass from the top. The fastener of the skirt is a hidden zipper. The bride can also choose a dress in ivory color and with a lining in the skirt.

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