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Wedding Veil: From History to Trends of Our Time

Wedding Veil: From History to Trends of Our Time

A bridal veil is a traditional element of a wedding dress. In the old days, it was worn so the groom would not see the bride's face before the wedding. Also, it was considered a symbol of purity and humility. In addition, people believed that a wedding cover protected a girl from evil spirits and the evil eye.

Today, bridal accessories make an outfit more romantic and delicate. The best wedding veil will be the final chord and add a touch of tenderness to your look.


The Role of The Veil in the Bride's Wedding Dress

Modern wedding veil style differs from traditional ones. If previously only dense fabrics were used, now there is an option made of bridal satin lace. The wedding accessory can be with embroidery, pearls, and stones. And you need to understand how to choose the right veil.

This bridal outfit element will create a mysterious areola around you, making your image harmonious and complete. Plus, this accessory looks very beautiful in wedding photos.

It is also worth noting that the accessory goes well with even the most straightforward and discreet wedding dress. This bridal adornment will complement a ball gown and a business suit. This way, you will create an original and romantic style. It is only necessary to figure out how to choose a veil.


How the Right Veil Can Highlight Your Wedding Look

First, you need to understand bridal veils styles. Many models of veils differ in fabric, length, and style. The main options are:

  • cathedral style. The most extended option, ideal for a dress with a train;
  • chapel model. Slightly shorter than the cathedral, this best veil for lace wedding dress usually has an elongated back;
  • veil to fingertips. Option that shows off the wedding gown;
  • bird's cage. This bridal veil covers the face and creates a mysterious image of the bride;
  • two-tiered model. This is a traditional version, which consists of two parts of different lengths;
  • the Mantinsky veil differs in placement. It is attached as close as possible to the hair growth area.

When choosing this accessory, you need to consider the features of the image and the style of the wedding dress. For an elegant bridal outfit, you can select a chapel, which will highlight your graceful figure. You can safely choose the cathedral lace style if you are having a luxurious celebration. Among the best wedding veils for ball gowns, one can highlight the birdcage model or the two-tiered version with different lengths. This length will not hide the wedding dress's beauty and emphasize the image's romance.

Also, remember the details. Different wedding veils styles may have decorative and colored elements. They must be combined with how to create the perfect look.


Choose the Best Veils From the Pollardi Fashion Group

If you need help finding the gown wedding veil, choose the Pollardi store. The catalog presents a considerable number of outfits from famous designers. The site offers many collections and styles, among which there is definitely what you need.

A bridal veil is an element that needs to be carefully chosen. You must look through many different options before finding the right accessory. And with the help of Pollardi Fashion Group, it is easy to do this.


Advantages of Pollardi Fashion Group products

Pollardi offers the best selection of wedding dresses and accessories. The best veil for satin wedding dress from a famous designer will be the perfect complement to your look. If you are still deciding which option to choose, you can schedule an online consultation. The manager will tell you how to choose veil length, creating a gentle and romantic image and emphasizing your beauty and sophistication.

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