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Eternity love collection

The world in which everything changes every second is unable to resist the only constant — eternal love. So one day he couldn't resist you. He was impressed by your energy and sensuality, your confident seductive look, your special fragrance, your tempting smile, grace and incredible confidence in your own uniqueness.

It doesn't happen any other way: when two halves meet in the world, united by the most powerful emotion, their hearts and souls intertwine. Neither time nor fate can break this special bond. And on the most special day this dress by Ida Torez will help you to emphasize the immensity of your love.

The new collection “Eternity Love” are wedding dresses with a sensual charm and special character. Each model is designed to create a unique look that perfectly combines seduction, sexual energy, sophistication, charisma, a little bit of frankness and passion.

Your perfection will be shown in a special way due to stylish models and new design solutions. Sensual dresses with delicately transparent elements, silhouette models with impressive trains, lace with designer embroidery, elegant corsets, seductive necklines, special accessories.  Each model of the new Ida Torez collection will certainly give the bride a fantastic feeling of irresistibility, and the groom and guests of the holiday — unforgettable beauty and enjoyment of the perfect image and your passionate love.

“Eternity Love”: an excellent manifestation of burning desires, endlessly passionate feelings and eternal love.

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