15 best summer wedding outfits

Summer wedding is a great opportunity for the bride to experiment with her look and add stylish elements to it which you cannot use during other seasons.

Light wedding dress

First of all, the choice concerns the dress - light flying fabrics and romantic styles are best for the summer. A summer wedding dress made of organza, tulle and other flowing fabrics will look great on the bride.

Wedding dress with spaghetti straps

To emphasize the freshness and grace of the bride, you can choose a wedding dress with spaghetti straps that beautifully highlight the collarbones and do not focus on the arms, making the upper body lighter. Spaghetti straps are well matched with the top of the dress in the corset style that is now in vogue.

Sexy wedding dress

If you follow the latest bridal designer fashion shows, you can see another trend - transparency and bare skin effect. These translucent wedding dresses are especially appropriate in summer and will look great during outdoor ceremony.

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Transparency can be seen in the special cut and fabrics of the dress, which create the naked body effect. In the collections of Pollardi wedding dresses, you can find such stylish models that look sexy and elegant at the same time, without a hint of vulgarity. In particular, you should pay attention to these off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses with puffy light sleeves

The sheer trend goes well with trendy voluminous sleeves. Wedding dresses with ruffle or lantern sleeves made of translucent airy fabrics look incredibly delicate and feminine.

Short and midi wedding dresses

If talking about trendy styles, you should pay attention to midi wedding dresses - it can be a puffy tulle skirt, or a tight-fitting silhouette. Short wedding dresses are more appropriate than ever in summer - they will perfectly suit the ceremony by the sea or on a picturesque glade.

Wedding accessories for a summer outfit

Accessories are always the adornment of a wedding look. Instead of the usual veil, you can choose an elegant headband that will be beautifully incorporated into your hairstyle. Wedding headbands can be complemented with a small decorative veil for a playful look.

Wedding gloves made of translucent fabric

Another stylish and fashionable element of the bride's summer look can be wedding gloves to the middle of the forearm made of transparent lightweight fabric. Such an accessory at once makes the bride's look more sophisticated and stylish.

Wedding shoes for the bride’s summer look

We must not forget about shoes. In summer, you can choose beautiful open-toed sandals instead of the usual shoes. Wedding sandals with thin ties at the ankles look especially stylish - an emphasis on such a detail will visually make the legs more graceful. 

Accents in the bride’s summer wedding look

You can add intricacy to the wedding look, focusing on the details: the original decor of the dress, jewelry, makeup with contrasting elements, a spectacular bouquet.

Slit wedding dress

Another trendy silhouette is a bridal dress with a leg slit. Such a bold detail gives the image a sexuality, but at the same time does not make it too daring. Dresses with a slit on the skirt will help brides to emphasize the beauty of tanned legs.

Puffy wedding dress

For brides who want to be the center of attention, summer is the best opportunity to choose the most royal outfit. Puffy wedding dresses with a voluminous spectacular skirt deserve attention. Such styles immediately become the center of the celebration, because it is simply impossible to take your eyes off the bride in a real royal dress.

Open Back Wedding Dress

You can emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the bride's summer look by choosing an open back wedding dress. Such a graceful cut accentuates the beauty of the female back, and the additional decor adds tenderness and elegance to the outfit.

Ruffle wedding dress

Wedding dresses with ruffles on the arms look no less elegant. This is a great alternative to sleeves or spaghetti straps - small flowing ruffles add softness and charm to the outfit.

Unique Pollardi accessories for wedding dresses

Now already you may choose a good wedding dress for the summer ceremony, basing on which you can create your own unique look, using accessories and jewelry from Pollardi catalog - a veil, cape, bolero, decorative shoulder embellishments and other elements will help to diversify the outfit. Here you can find the most trendy styles that will be ideal for summer.

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Gracious | 08160 Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official . ⠀ Wedding dress grace with its mood seems to permeate the whole collection of gracious dream. The cut-off cup of the corset holds light straps made of organza with cotton thread. The same organza is used on the skirt. ⠀ The dress is decorated with 2 types of lace - the upper one is embroidered with snow-white beads and transparent crystal, creating an unsurpassed shimmer of the corset, which smoothly passes onto the skirt. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYBFW
@pollardi_fashion_group < 1 - 8 > ??? Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYBFW
@pollardi_fashion_group Harmony | 08144 Seduction collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ Photographer: @shynkaruk_photo Bride: @anisia.writes ⠀ A minimalistic mermaid wedding dress is made from stretch crepe. The dress is decorated with a V-shaped low neck and lacing on the back, which emphasizes the figure of the bride. Extensional lace sleeves with a tender pattern add lightness and solemnity. A lace train completes the look. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYBFW #pollardibride
Glow Sparkle | 3255 Graceful Dream collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ The fantastically beautiful fish silhouette long sleeve wedding dress is made of sparkling lace, embroidered with sequins and beads. The upper part of the open corset is covered with a lace form-fitting cape, which is decorated with spectacular embroidered applications. The corset is also decorated with embroidered applications, which smoothly go from the waist to the skirt. There are elegant button loops on the sleeves that complement the delicate look. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #NYBFW
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Towards the Love | 08173 Graceful Dream collection by @dariakarlozi_official ⠀ On that very day which you have repeatedly imagined you want to make a beautiful step towards your love. ⠀ The Towards Love wedding dress from the Gracious Dream collection is conceived for this purpose. The entire dress is sewn from flowing lace made of beads and sequins, which is made individually for our factory. In the center of the skirt of the dress there is a small slit that emphasizes the bride’s sophistication. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #DariaKarlozi #NYBFW
Autumn | 3157 16 Stories collection by @pollardi_fashion_group With beading. Top without lining. Skirt with trapezium lining. #PollardiFashionGroup #NYBFW
Splendorouus | 3210 Royalty collection by @pollardi_fashion_group ⠀ Royalty collection is luxuriance, luxe, and status of a queen bride. The dress from the new collection is a luxurious outfit with a long train, sophisticated drapery, hand embroidery, shining like a diamond and overshadowing everything at the celebration. This is the jewel of the whole wedding ceremony and it is worth to become a bride to wear the Royalty dress. ⠀ #PollardiFashionGroup #NYBFW

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